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Melissa Kamrowski Karl Dr. Carol,

My Kamrowski family tree made a smart match with your family tree. My great-grandfather, Clement, was son of Nichlous (Nickolas,Nickalas)(various spellings) Kamrowski I and Rose Jaszlewski. Your site is closed, but ours is visible. Please check it out and let's make our tree bigger!

I am in contact with many Kamrowskis around the world including a part of the family still in Poland.
6 years ago
Melissa Kamrowski Karl Hello, Dr. Cathy. Sorry I got your name wrong the first time.
I was able to review the children listed under Nicklous and Rose Kamrowski and although most of the children are matched up, a few dates that I have conflict with yours. It would be great if we could get together and confirm our information. Also Nicklous and Rose had twins - Monica and Stanley that died in infancy (no date). And you left out Clement (b. Nov. 1, 1874 in Dodge, WI, d. Nov. 24, 1948 Pine Creek, WI) married to Martha Glowacki. My great-grandparents.
Please let me know if you would like to collaborate on this! It's very exciting.
6 years ago
Melissa Kamrowski Karl Nicklous and Rose Kamrowski - in my records there is a blank for the wife of Nicklous' father, Joseph - B. Zabinska. The B. must be her middle name and Caroline her first name.
6 years ago
Melissa Kamrowski Karl You have Nicklous and Rose's daught, Mary, being born in 1924 but that would make her father (Nicklous) 94 years old when she was born. My records unfortunately do not have a birth/death date for her, nor spouse.
6 years ago
Dr. Cathy Jo Faruque Sorry, I have been so busy and have no time to look at this as of now. I really wish you the best
6 years ago
Melissa Kamrowski Karl I understand, Cathy. I have been able to combine the two parts of our respective branches and it helped me fill in a lot of holes. Please feel free to check back at any time to see my progress. I noticed that you only have only one of the five original brothers, while I am working on all of them, as well as our family still in Europe. If any of the other Kamrowski family from your side are interested, or has information to share, please tell them to contact me. Take care.
6 years ago