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Smith Albert Hilton
Hila' Marie Hilton (born Morris)
Elizabeth Ann Hilton
<Private> McCulloch (born Hilton)
Wanda Lee Story william helton
email me at wanda
7 years ago
tereasa zent helton family tree
Hello Paul,I am the granddaughter of Eulah and Elmer Helton. I see that you have part of my aunts and uncles and my mother Judy Diane Helton listed on your tree. I am very interested in knowing our family history. Please accept me as a member of your family tree. I have been married one time and have a child with richard ronning and 3 children with my husband richard young. I live in Irving Texas. My grandparents were the greatest people that ever lived in my eyes. I also knew My Granny Helton My pappy died the year I was born. Memories of My grandma melton and my great aunts and uncles. My mother could problably help too with names and dates. I would love to help you research. I dont' know you or even recognize your name how are we related? God Speed Tereasa Lea Zent now Young 
7 years ago
Jennifer Globe I am looking for anyone that is a part of my family. My Great Grandmother came here from Poland along with my Great Grandfather. If you can help me find anyone that is related to me I would apreacite it. Thank You Jennifer
7 years ago
Amber Arp I noticed that you have Alvin Chesley on your site. He is my maternal grandfather. How are the Hiltons related?
7 years ago
Lisa Parrish how do u know Harold Parish?
7 years ago
Max Harmon My great grand parents were James Garland Wofford and Mary E Mitchell. I am just starting this project so have very little info, but will share what I have. Would like to join your website. Thanks. Max Harmon (
7 years ago
Quanah Gilmore Mr. Hilton,
My name is Quanah Gilmore and we have common Lecompte relatives. I would be interested in sharing anything I have in exchange. My site is:

6 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Hi Michelle. One never knows who one will meet up with. I will check the Hamilton connections to see what I can find. Sometimes the connections are distant, but the info proves interesting. I will send you a link to TINYM'S HOME OF THE ANGELS -good time of year for ANGELS. We are the Hilton / Morris Family site. I will get back to you a bit later. It may take me some time to track our connection. Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton.
6 years ago
Mark Greene PAUL,
6 years ago
Krystyn Gatewood Hey Paul, I am related to Malcom Noles in your Hilton Web Site. I was wondering how you are related to him?
6 years ago
ShawMarie Butler-Cox Hey Paul, I am related to Jasper Hayman. I would be interested in sharing anything I have in exchange. If you can help me find anyone that is related to me I would apreacite it. My site is :
Shaw Cox
6 years ago
6 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Please excuse me, but this is the first time I have heard of this particular group. I do have the TINYM"S HOME OF THE ANGELS IN If you wish to join me in this group of over 300 send me n Email to I will need name, and Email address of those of you who are interested. Thank you for contacting me. Sincere Best Wishes, Paul Morris Hilton.
6 years ago
robin Bagshaw Hello Paul,
My name is Robin Bagshaw, I am the oldest daughter of Robert L. Carpenter the 2nd son of Mildred and William Carpenter. I would love to see what you have on your site, maybe we can share info.
6 years ago
Martha DeBoe Paul, I am new to this site-since you have my grandparents listed, would like to exchange info on them-they are "Jeff" Lavinder and Flora Young. Contact me at
6 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Hi Teresa. I would like very much to have you join the Hilton/ Morris site at my Email address is I apologize for not answering your note earlier. This is the 1st time I have seen this info. I need to have your Email address to be able to send the link to you. NO COST. Sincerely yours, Paul Morris Hilton
6 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Hi Teresa. I apologize for not answering your note earlier. My Email address is You would be most welcome on our Hilton/ Morris site at Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton PS. I need your Email address to be able to send you the link to the site if you are interested.
6 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Good Evening. I would need some dates or other info to locate the name on my Genealogy. I apologize for not having seen this info earlier. My Email address is
Our site at is the Hilton /Morris site and we will be able to assist you at any time. I need you Email address to be able to send the link to the site to you. Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton
6 years ago
Paul Morris Hilton Hi Michelle. I am late writing you. i had my older computer burn out on Dec. 24 and I have a new one now. I will send the link to our site t TINYM'S HOME OF THE ANGELS- which is the Hilton Morris site. It will be great to have you with us. my Email address is
Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton
6 years ago
Ronald Derrick Hi, I am the grandson of Amie Pauline Evans and Great Grandson of Louisa Manada Prince. I am curious how they appear in your heritage website. Ron Derrick ( Derrick Family Website
6 years ago
Sue Trimble Paul,
I would like to check out the connections you have to Beulah Kate Rodgers Bennett, Her daughter Rosa Nell was my Grandmother. I have just started reseaching and would appreciateany info you have!
Sue Trimble
6 years ago
Michael Mowers Hi Paul, Thanks for joining my site, (Mowers-Kuhn) I am excited to see where everything links up... if you need anything or have any additional information that will help feel free to contact me... ( thanks again. Mike Mowers
4 years ago
Linda Higdon Hello Paul , You have my Husband and his Parents listed in your family tree. My husband is Thomas Dennis Higdon . Please contact me at and we can share Information.
3 years ago
Noel Tardy Hi Paul, I am researching my family history which includes the Mobberly, Noel and Tardy families. I see you have information on my grandmother, Daisy Mobberly, and her mother Mary B Mobberly. If you can verify this, I'd like to join your site. Thanks, Noel
3 years ago
Carol M Montierth Hi Paul:

My mother, Ila Maye Lester McConnell, does not have a sister. Ola Mae is not her sister.
Carol M Montierth
2 years ago
Carol M Montierth Paul: There is NO Ola Mae Lester--it is a mis spelling of my mother's name--Ila Maye Lester. Also there is no "private" person as there were only 2 children born to John Q Lester and Julia Clark.
2 years ago
Stephen & Darlene (Cannon) Proctor Hi Paul: Could you tell me your connection to William John Proctor ( 1848-1921 ) He is my husbands great grandfather,his son ( Addy ) Thomas Addison Proctor was my husbands grandfather and his son was Frank Garfield Proctor and his son is my husband Stephen Francis Proctor and I'm Stephen wife Darlene. Hoping to hear from you soon. E - mail:
2 years ago
WC Fowlkes Paul: I am W. C. Fowlkes and the grandson of Valley Staples Hylton, Sr. In addition, My great-great-great-great grandfather is James Hilton. I would like to access your Hilton/Morris site for hopefully additional information on family. I would be happy to share any info I have with you. My email is and hope to hear from you. Many thanks!
2 years ago
Richard Mahan Thomas Welby was christened in 1524. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks. I just found out today.
Richard Lee Mahan
2 years ago
Annette "Marie" Palmer Paul: I saw a match in our family tree. Mary Martin Carpenter. She is my maternal great-grandmother. I am interested in knowing how our family relates. Add me if you like.
2 years ago
Pam Dowlen Haynes Hi---I am Dowlen by Birth. The correct spelling is Dowlen.
At one time it was written as Dowlin/Pronounced doolin. Please feel free to look at my sight--It is no complete yet--
But, would like to know also how we are related Pam
162 days ago
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