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Cathy Crabbe, nee Dominguez Hi Mari, thanks for doing this. We have so much fun and Ed is really taking off on his family site. Feel free to visit. He's been able to go back to the 1600's! We have a problem. In our site is a funny listing Cathy & Ed Crabbe. Can you delete that and replace with Ed Crabbe. He then should show up. Also, when I come on the site it shows my name at the top, but when we look at the listing reference is made as if I'm Ed. For example: "this is you" when it is Ed. It should say this is you under Cathy. Do I make myself clear? Although the site recognizes me as Cathy Crabbe, nee Dominguez, when I go to the various people, its response makes me Ed. I thought at first it was because the email site belongs to Ed and did not think anything about it, till Ed pointed out the greeting, "Welcome Cathy Crabbe, nee Dominguez, " in the upper righthand corner.

Hope all is good with you guys. Send me an email.
Love, Tia Cathy
6 years ago
Leonard Dominguez That was totally clear to me. Are you not, Cathy Crabbe, nee Dominguez?
6 years ago
Edward Portillo HI Mari! Marc Portillo is my Cousin, he is John and Giesla's son. He lives in Germany. Hope that helps!
5 years ago