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Aneeta Serback Hi my name is Aneeta and Sophia was my great great grandmother. Did you know her mother and father my e-mail is
7 years ago
Kari Bergmann Hello
I have information on the Deimund side of the family... That is my grandma's side of the family and I just talked to her sister and we got as far back as we could.
Please request membership to my page and we can compare...

Thank You
6 years ago
Kari Bergmann Can you please add me so I can see if you have any information I don't have about Grindstaff, Deimund side of my family...

Thank You
6 years ago
Deedee Seabaugh I would like to find out more on Everette Seabaugh's side of the family.
6 years ago
Betty Shrum Vance Hanks I am new at this site and do not know the ins and out.
My name is Betty Shrum Hanks. I noticed in the smart matches that you seem to have my whole family on this site. How can I see this?
6 years ago
Betty Shrum Vance Hanks How is it that somebody can hack into my site and view it,
buy I can't see your site? Tell me something I don't know. Like I said above I am new to this site and do not know the
ins and outs. Please somebody clear this up for me. Thank You
6 years ago
Donnie Rodgers Emery Dallas Cook was my great grandfather. Would like to see your site to gain more information. Thanks.
6 years ago
Danielle Marsala Hello, I am Danielle and i am doing a family tree for school. I am delbert Brotherton's Grand Daughter. I was wondering if you could Give me any informatoin on Nellie Jane Ruessler. Please, Your help will be greatly appreciated.
4 years ago
Sheri Lowen Hi Laverla was my Mother do you have any info on her parents
3 years ago
Larry Holmquist How are you related to Virgil L. Ollar?
one year ago