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Jeff Ward Grover Cleveland McCoy
Hello, It appears we are related if any way possible I would like to compare some of our ancestorsThanx, Jeff
6 years ago
Penni Gale Rinehart family
Hi -  I wanted to contact you since we seem to have alot of the same people in our family trees.  My mother-in-law is a grand-daughter to David Ellsworth Rinehart and Myrtle Bell Steller.  I have information on this family line and I can tell you - assuming you haven't already found out - who the Susan is on their stone at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.Please just reference Rinehart Family if you decide to reply.Sincerely,Penni
6 years ago
Linda383 Rinehart family
higlad to get your note on Rinehart family. David E. Rinehart would be a 1/2-4th cousin to myself.I do not know who the Susan on the tombstone is -- yes I would appreciate that information -- as well as any other information you might have on these peopleThan ksLinda   
6 years ago
Penni Gale Rinehart family
Hi -I have alot of information on some of this part of the family.  Susan is/was Susanah Schumak.  She was David's step-mother.  David's mother was Sarah Hoover.  She died when he was 35yrs old and his father -Hiram- then married Susan.  I don't know anything more about her just yet but will be working on it.  I found an old obituary that says that Sarah died of bleeding lungs.If there is anyone else you are looking for information on, please let me know and I will do what I can to help you out.  If you have anything else that might be of help to me - let me know. Thanks  - Penni
6 years ago
Linda383 Rinehart family
 Thanks Interesting that she is on the same stone with him and his wife! Thanks for sharing  
6 years ago
Penni Gale Rinehart family
Hi -- I'm glad to have been able to help!!  If there is anything more you would like to know I'd be glad to pass it on.  That is if I know.  I do have most of the info on David and Myrtle's children and on David's parents/grandparents.  You said you are a 1/2 4th cousin to David, can you share with me who your relationship to David is through?  I'm just curious.Thanks -  Penni
6 years ago
Linda383 Rinehart family
 David Ellsworth Rinehart line comes down from Ulrich Rinehart  Sr and wife Barbara Sauer  while my line comes down from Ulrich Sr and  his 2nd wife  Hannah  to son  Adam Jacob Rinehart --then  David Franklin Rinehart -- then Sarah Elizabeth Rinehart Rhea -- Sarah Elizabeth Rhea Crockett - Carl Franklin Crockett-  Phyllis Lorene Crockett Robinson to myself
6 years ago
Penni Gale Rinehart family
Maybe you can help me clarify things from Hiram to Ulrich Sr.  Would it be possible for me to contact you directly thru email?  Or do you have a family tree that I could see?  I have one thru but haven't made it public yet.  I believe Hiram's ancestry to lead to David and Rebecca(Adney) then Peter and Margaret(unknown) then Ulrich Jr and unknown then Ulrich Sr.  I don't have good information on them and haven't had much luck.  Anyway if you could help that would be great.  You can email me at -- just reference Rinehart family in the subject so I know what it is.I'd appreciate any help you could give me.  Thanks!!!Penni
6 years ago
Jolene Watmough family
Hi,I was doing my family tree and a pop up came up and said we might have a relative in common. Larry Roy Cline born Mar. 14, 1945 
6 years ago
Myndi Grasham It's Myndi...I am related by my son...
Hey there  I am Michael Freemans ex from Texas.  We had a son together Trent.  I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have some info for your tree as well.  Thomas and his Dad spell their names Glynn.   The only reason I remember the spelling is because Ma (Inez Freeman) made sure I didn't put Glen in Trents baby book.  Trent just turned 16 this past month.  Take care....Myndi
6 years ago
Unknown Montgomery
I found your Montgomery line. My husband is the Great-Great Grandson of James and Elizabith Montgomery. If you are interested in any of out information let me know. Nice to meet you.Anita
6 years ago
Linda383 Montgomery
Reoma yes, we corresonded back in 2002 -- a lot of the info that i have came from you! ThanksLinda
6 years ago
Candi Bray Possible Match
Angela Cofoid is my 3rd Cousin 1 Time Removed, I have her husband as Bill and theur two kids Tiffany and Mathew. Do you supose they are the same family from your tree?
5 years ago
camilla spencer trent
im connected to ann marie trent and george doran im thier great great grand daughter  how are you connected
5 years ago
Stacy Chapman Johnston branch
I'm one of Wilma and George Johnston's granddaughters. Dwayne is my dad. Email me on yahoo so we can share more info please!
5 years ago
T Bell Grover McNeely was my great grandfather. I am the daughter of Karen: Grover McNeely Jr oldest child.
5 years ago
Betty Godwin I am researching Lee Roy Medley and Imogene "Jean" Dowdy. I received Smart Match for Rose Lee (Iverson) Dowdy. Do you have any info on their children.
You can contact me at
Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter
5 years ago
Linda383 No I do not -- sorry
5 years ago
Wayne Fahsbender I am researching Charles Fahsbender. I received a Smart match for my father-in-law Glenn Arlo Dobbs. Can you please contact me about the Dobbs/Lange lines in your tree.
Thank you
5 years ago
James Pratt George Washington Haggee is my GG-GrandFather.
Leroy Pratt is my Father. Do you have more information his children?
James Pratt (
4 years ago
Angel Gomez Hi Linda -

What a lot of work you have done! Over 100,000 individuals - remarkable!

So here's an interesting question ... when I put in your name and my relative's name into the "how are they related" feature, what I get back is that you and she are "not related"!

I guess the question is .... how did you get the information about Marie Louise Magnenat (born Spengler) and her family. Your info is quite accurate, but I am dying of curiosity about your source!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
3 years ago
Regina Holler Hi Linda
I am Regina Holler Perry,direct descendant of Johann Adam Bolch111 and Elizabeth Mauser Bolch,their da married William Pinkney Turner-she was Laviney Bolch Turner-their da Mary Elimina Turner married Lemual Holler-son-George P Holler Married Julia Love Holler had my grandfather George Turner Holler.Kate Ardolino confirmed this with you-I was wondering if you had more info on family of Elizabeth Mauser ,I got stop on that line,found lots of info on Bolch /Bolick line they seem to be same family,Hollers married into that line twice. Appreciate any help!!! Thanks
2 years ago
Linda383 sorry I do not have more information here -- not a direct line of research so have not pursued it further!
2 years ago
Betsy Barbeau Linda, I have added 5 of the 9 children of Nancy Ann (Pike) Page and it is my hope to do the others tonight. Then, next week, it is my hope to add the kids of those I added last night and hope to complete tonight. After that, I will work on grandkids, and more. We had a family emergency in August that has turned our lives upside down but hopefully is leveling off now so that I can do what I promised. :-)
2 years ago
Jessilyn King Hi there! We have several ancestors in common and I was hoping we could exchange information and learn more about our family trees. Thanks so much!
Jessilyn King (born Hittle)
2 years ago
Roger Gansauer Linda, I noticed in your family tree you list Leota S. Turnpaugh as a daughter of John and Jane Layton Turnpaugh. John and Jane were my maternal grandfather's father and mother. Leota S. (b. 1883 Cass County, IN; d. 1964 Cass County, IN) was the daughter of Matthew "Mathias" (b. 1848; d. 1906) and Mary Elizabeth Shaffer (b. 1852; d. 1892) Turnpaugh. Matthew was one of John Henry's (my great grandfather) brothers. Leota first married Judson D. Reed in 1902 and after his death in 1913 she married Elwood Etnire. Leota and Judson had a daughter Levaune Edith Reed (b. 1904; d. 1984). Let me know if you would like more information on Matthew and Mary Elizabeth Turnpaugh.

Roger Gansauer
one year ago