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J Brown Smart Matches
Hello there, I was building what I know of my family tree and started getting several smart matches to your tree on the Carragher M'Donald side.  I'm new to this program and was wondering if you are interested in chatting, or giving me some hints  of good sources that you have discovered in researching this family. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. :) Kyla
7 years ago
Garry Purcell Smart Matches
 I'm building family tree "purcell" and smart matched to the Islander Wed Site. I have a rayner
7 years ago
Erin Smith Smart Matches
Hi there, I am doing my family tree as well, Howard Foley is my grandfather, Alice O'Connor is my grandmother. I am also a Smith there may be a lot of family connections here. Contact me if you likeRegards,Erin Smith
7 years ago
joe gillies Ross, Beaton, Gillies
My name is joe gillies have been traceing famil about 5 years email is
6 years ago
Richard R. Kelly I am Richard Kelly, cousin of Leo Kelly the Canadian middleweight champion. He and all the other members of the family live (lived) in Charlettetown, PEI. I could use some help in locating any information on them. My email is Thank you.
6 years ago
Joan Herron I'm a decendant of Mary MacLeod and Malcolm MacLeod who came to Prince Edward Island from the Isle of Skye. I'm interested in both the MacLeod and Harris family tree which has its roots in PEI and am wondering if you could email me: Thanks so much
6 years ago
blaine hatch Hi,
I am doing the family tree and my wife is a decendant of Hugh Watts, may I have access to your tree to compare?
6 years ago
Wanda Wirtzfeld Hi, I am doing a site for the Cook "Koch" Family. I think Lydia "Lilly" Geisbrecht is your Gram... she was my great Aunt. If you would like some info on her side of the family, or willing to share any info about her with me (pics & such) please contact me on my page. Would be happy to know you. Shirley & Beverly know my Mom.
6 years ago
Timothy Cobb My Father is Robert Merle Cobb, son of Phyllis (Worden) Cobb, daughter of Agnes (Luke) Worden, daughter of Theodorus and Jane(MacDonald)Luke.I would like more information on George Luke
5 years ago
David Campbell 300,000 seems to be a little too many.. I can't complete the search or load the tree reliably. How did it get this large?
5 years ago
David Campbell It's so funny that no one seems to be home here. I thought it came for Prince Edward Island, but now I think it's the "Lost Island". It's so large it's owner got lost and sucked in....
3 years ago
andrew gallant My grandfather was Bruno Gallant,Grandmother Lea Fagan ,Father Andrew Gallant Iam a decendent of Miechel Hache Gallant
3 years ago
Avigdor Darrow My wife was born Noble Her parents are Bert a. an nillie e regards Herschel
3 years ago
Avigdor Darrow Hi. My wife has a family tree on ancestry and iam trying to help her also.Am wondering if you could help on the Noble family.My e-mail is or William T. Darrow web site.All help would be appreciative. Regards: Herschel Darrow
2 years ago
Michael B. Burch Are you related to some of the RYAN family that settled in Webster County, Iowa in the 1860's? I am looking for details and connections to the numerous children of John Ryan who died 1872 and his wife Mary Phelan. Regards - Michael Burch with O'Malley family tree.
2 years ago
Sheila Gillespie is there a way to get read only access to some of this information? i have requested membership over a year ago and no response what so ever.. many of my grand-mothers people were in pei in the 1700s and on ward and i would love to view this data as well.. thank you
2 years ago
David Campbell Another year without any responses, but alas you have joined another website. There is an active breathing person manning the "Lost Island" family tree. Still the mystery of your identity eludes us. Where can we pin your photo? Where do you connect to our trees? Will any inquiry stir your heart to attend to our desperate search for family? Stay tuned for another year,,, of silence...
one year ago
john crockett Hi there
You seem to be very elusive in making contact, my family name Crockett hails both from Scotland & Liverpool, UK.
currently connected to Canada, PEI, and Massachusetts, USA,
90 days ago
David Campbell Hi, Crocky, I'm not sure if he's slyly laughing in anonymity or has passed away, or perhaps he's a cheap Scotsman. I've heard some of the Scots are a bit tight with their pounds. Nonetheless, this is another of my annual posts in pursuit of the mystery of the Islander. I have suspected Dave Hunter (or his son). they have certainly been at the genealogy game longer than anyone on PEI and might have the 300,000 names. So, IF ITS YOU DAVE HUNTER, COME ON OUT!!! Ally Ally OXENFREE!! I THINK I FOUND YOU. PICK UP ONE OF THE ANCIENT MUSEUM PHONES IN CHARLOTTETOWN AND CONNECT YOUR DIAL UP MODEM TO SAY HI TO YOUR LOYAL BUT CURIOUS ADMIRERS!!! Ok, maybe that was a bit hysterical, but who cares, no one is listening.
9 days ago