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keith morgan Hi I have accepted your members request more the merrier
3 years ago
Unknown Thanks Keith, & totally agree, the more the better
3 years ago
Robert Joseph Camp Hi, I just joined your site and I want you to know that I have Ancestors from Janet Dundas, my 19X Great-grandmother all the way to ADAM and EVE. Is Janet Dundas an Ancestor of yours? or related by marriage? You can go to my site and follow that line back to Adam & Eve.
3 years ago
Unknown Hi Robert, that's great, that's my husbands side, we've only been doing this for a couple of months, and am already addicted!!! We'll jump on next time where home, thanks again, Colleen
3 years ago
Sharon Renfrey Hi colleen, yes we are related - im through the Ingrams & bacons through to Kirwan - will add you gladly - heritage is for all who wish to share - love having you aboard
sharon renfrey [nee SAYNER]
2 years ago
Colleen Bessell Thanks Sharon, that will be great, will have to work out how we're related!!!
2 years ago
Paul McNulty Hi Colleen,
Thank you for confirming the smart matches for Anstace 'Anastatia' Browne (born Blake), Valentine Blake and Eveline Blake (born French) wit which I agree.

Just for the record, my debut novel, based on family history, "Spellbound by Sibella," is now on Amazon.
2 years ago
Colleen Bessell Just finished your book yesterday Paul, I loved it. I'll spread the word. I just found "The Peerage" yesterday, I didn't know it existed, which gave me a bit more info. I find the Irish information is the most difficult to find.
2 years ago
Paul McNulty Hi Colleen,
Thank you for confirming the smart matches for John Darcy, Hyacinth (Capt) Darcy and James Darcy with which I agree.
I'm chuffed that you liked my book which I shall follow soon with "The Abduction of Anne O'Donel."
I'm pleased that you found "The Peerage" which has also been useful to me.
one year ago
Colleen Bessell Thanks Paul, let me know when your new book is out
one year ago
Paul McNulty Sometime in May, I hope. I'll be in touch. Best wishes. Paul
one year ago
Alice McCall Hi,Colleen and Kim from Maine cousin Alice, my first time here, more to learn, love it and thanks
one year ago
Paul McNulty Hi Colleen,
Just a not to agree with your confirmation of a Smart Match between Mary Browne in your family tree and Mary Browne in my family tree.
Also, to conform that my second historical novel, "The Abduction of Anne O'Donel," is now available on Amazon but you probably know this already.
Hope you're keeping well.
one year ago
Paul McNulty Hi Colleen,
Just a note to agree with your confirmation of a Smart Match for Margaret Lynch (born Blake) in our family trees.
Happy Christmas,
353 days ago
Tom Sheffield Sorry for my late response. I was just cleaining out the clutter in my inbox and saw your request from August.
27 days ago
Colleen Bessell No probs Tom, hopefully we can share lots of info
26 days ago
Jane Nielsen Hey Colleen
Please help me out here......
Where in our tree are we connetet
18 days ago