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Sandra Conway Barbara, where are you in relation to my family tree?
3 years ago
barbara stalvey i am not sure ,the spelling is wrong for my jordan family ,it is the same relatives but your spelling is one that i have not seen in any families headstones or spelling of the name jordan. if the jordan name is spelled the way my grandmother spelled it was jordan,not ordiane as you spell it .i will check it out and get backto you.
3 years ago
Barbara Price There are different ways to spell the name jordon , Jordan, Jordaine, Jurdon
3 years ago
Ted K. Wright Only 4 different ways?? Try Cothren!!! So far have counted 14 different ways of spelling. Census takers really had a time with this name. ha!!
3 years ago
Barbara Price ok i will try that
3 years ago
Chris Johnson Hello Barbara, perhaps we could assist each other with our research. At this time, I am attempting to "clean up" some information which is on my laptop computer. Let me know where there might be a connection so I may be able to give you some information from my research. I look forward to working with you!
3 years ago
Barbara Price thats great we can work together
3 years ago
Betty Hayden Barbara, We share the LEGER, family, and all the children as g.g aunts and uncles. Do you have the rest of the children? I have a good bit of material, I would love to share. Rachel and peter Leger, are my g.g.g grandparents. I have the home place in Hancock co. photo, and the cem, is on the property. My g.g grandparents are Mahala )and Wm. M. Lawson, and a whole big line of Lawsons. lol.
2 years ago
Barbara Price I have been going to through my tree and working on each on alphbetical order it will i will try to get as much as i can
2 years ago
Barbara Price My father always spelled our name as Jordon, And alot of his family spelled it jordan There is a lot of ways too spell it but its all the same,
2 years ago
Russell Jordan A Jordan was a Jurdan with a dollar in his pocket that moved to town with in-door plumbing !! ---- Old East Texas Saying
2 years ago
Barbara Price THAT CUTE
2 years ago
Jean Hughes Russell, that is what I has always been told by my mother-in-law, funny that you stated it that way. They spelled it Jordan, but pronounced it Jurdan until some of them moved away from Batson and then pronounced it Jordan, like the river.
2 years ago
Barbara Price my father always spelled it jordon
2 years ago
Bob Morgan How do you think you are related to my family the MORGAN's
2 years ago
Larry Puckhaber How do you think you are related to the BABCOCK'?
one year ago
Jerry Cretsinger How do you tie in with the Cretsinger's? You have some of my older relations smart matches
one year ago
Ruth Ann Fisher I do not know why you invited me to join your family tree. Where are we related
one year ago
mary westray My great grandmother Johanna Blake was Johanna Jordan and married Michael Blake Sr. born in Ireland before 1855 abt 1814.
one year ago
Barbara Price thank you For your information I will Check this out on mine and make sure it is correct
one year ago
Jerome Roseborough Thank you Barbara for the invite. My cousin Jenni, her mother descends from the Bean (Beane's) and I had done quite a bit of research for her on her Mother's family. This is the connection that makes it's way into your Tree. Our trees are so large, it'll take some time to find the connection. My thoughts are it is going to be a sibling of her mother's paternal lineage and I haven't even begun to develop those. I have the names, but not the spouses. All in all, great find! Thanks!
one year ago
Jerome Roseborough Didn't take very long at all...I found the connect: Actaline Eleanor (Bean) married Spinix Jordan
one year ago
Barbara Price that's great welcome to my family
one year ago
arthur ramsay Barbara u keep coming up on our web site are u from Ireland
352 days ago
Michelle Hello Barbara! Thank you for sharing your tree with me. So far, I primarily use MyHeritage for it's NewspaperArchives record matching. I'm not very good at navigating around. I accept Smart Matches when someone suggests a match. But I can't remember if/where our trees match up. Is there an easy way to see that?
344 days ago
Robert Bruce Barbara, why did you add me to your tree?
275 days ago
Barbara Price CANCEL IT
274 days ago