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Ethel Bradford

Ethel is a site manager of Ethel's family history Web Site
Ethel created the site on June 16 2011 (3 years ago)
Ethel visited 1515 times, last visit on March 31 2015 (today)

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Immediate family

<Private> Bradford
<Private> Bradford
<Private> Bradford
<Private> Bradford
James Findlay Johnson
Mavis Joyce Fogarty
Fayleen Elizabeth Johnson
Maurice Richard Johnson
<Private> Johnson
<Private> Johnson
Ethel Bradford Hi Carol, I am the niece of Arthur Llewellyn Williams and Janey Williams ( born Fogarty ). My mother is Mavis Joyce Johnson ( born Fogarty, My mum is the youngest sister of Janey Williams (born Fogarty ). My first cousin is Arthur Dudley Williams, son of my aunty Janey. Isobelle Williams ( born Mackinnon is the wife of my first cousin Arthur Dudley Williams. My 2nd cousin Kathleen Marion Betts ( born Williams ) married Terrence Edward Betts. Terrence Edward Betts is the son of Brian Edward Betts. Brian Edward Betts married a girl ( born Bateup ). William Edward Alfred "Fred" Bateup and Stella "Biddy" Bateup are Brian's Parents.
Tim Fowler married Cassandra Jane Betts. Cassandra Jane Betts and her brother Adam Betts are the children of Kathleen Marion Betts ( born Williams ) and Terrence Edward Betts. Cassandre Jane Fowler and Tim Fowler are both first cousin twice removed of me Ethel Louise Bradford ( born Johnson ) and their son Riley Fowler is a first cousin 3 times removed of me.
I do hope this explains my blood relatives to you more simpler.
Best wishes,
Ethel Bradford ( born Johnson ).
3 years ago
Pam Mathieson where does amy McMullen come into your research? Pam
2 years ago
Cheryl Winkler Could you send me a request for membership. Thnaks again. Cheryl.
2 years ago
Ethel Bradford Hi June Webster,
I am saddened by your comment, if you had time to do a little more research you would have found our family tree connection.
Here it is -
June Elizabeth Johnston (Webster) is related to Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson) 21 Steps.
1. June Elizabeth Johnston (Webster) is the daughter of Dudley William Watson Webster and Erica Elizabeth Webster (Hawkins).
2. Dudley William Watson Webster is the son of Annie Frances Webster (Coates) 20 Steps.
3. Annie Frances Webster (Coates) is the daughter of William Rody Coates. 19 Steps.
4. William Rody Coates is the brother of George Stillman Ernest Coates. 18 Steps.
5. George Stillman Ernest Coates is the husband of Maude Magadaline Smart. 17 Steps.
6. Maude Magadaline Smart is the daughter of James Richard Smart. 16 Steps.
7. James Richard Smart is the brother of Thomas Smart. 15 Steps.
8. Thomas Smart is the father of Walter Smart. 14 Steps.
9. Walter Smart is the husband of Alice Sophia Smart (Blake). 13 Steps.
10. Alice Sophia Smart (Blake) is the daughter of Richard Henry Blake. 12 Steps.
11. Richard Henry Blake is the brother of Edwin Blake. 11 Steps.
12. Edwin Blake is the father of William Henry Blake. 10 Steps.
13. William Henry Blake is the father of Joan Davis (Blake). 9 Steps.
14. Joan Davis (Blake) is the wife of Frederick Charles Davis. 8 Steps.
15. Frederick Charles Davis is the son of Frederick Charles Davis. 7 Steps.
( is a first cousin once removed of an uncle by marriage of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson).
16. Frederick Charles Davis is the son of Catherine Maude Davis (Daw). 6 Steps.
( is a cousin of the husband of an aunt of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson).
17. Catherine Maude Davis (Daw) is the sister of Samuel George Daw. 5 Steps.
( is a sister of the father of an uncle by marriage of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson).
18. Samuel George Daw is the father of Gervase Murnane Daw. 4 Steps.
( is the father of an uncle by marriage of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson).
19. Gervase Murnane Daw is the husband of Isobelle Daw (Fogarty). 3 Steps.
( is an uncle by marriage of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson).
20. Isobelle Daw (Fogarty) is the sister of Mavis Joyce Johnson/Deguara (Fogarty). 2 Steps.
( is an aunt of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson).
21. Mavis Joyce Johnson/Deguara (Fogarty) is the mother of (me) Ethel Louise Bradford (Johnson)
Best Wishes,
Ethel Louise Bradford (born Johnson)
one year ago
michelle maher hi where is our connection with moss or maher thanks michelle please fill me in :
149 days ago
Ethel Bradford Hi Michelle, You are related to me by 13 Steps.
Here is the breakdown.
1. Michelle Maher is the daughter of Frances Maher (born Moss.
2. Frances Maher (born Moss) is the daughter of Robert Christmas Henry Moss.
3. Robert Christmas Henry Moss is the son of Robert Henry Moss.
4. Robert Henry Moss is the brother of Richard Henry Moss.
5. Richard Henry Moss is the father of Edgar (Goog) William Moss.
6. Edgar (Goog) William Moss is the father of Richard Henry (Dick) William Moss.
7. Richard Henry (Dick) William Moss is the husband of Velma Moss (born Munt).
8. Velma Moss (born Munt) is the daughter of Ester Amelia Munt (born Johnsen).
9. Ester Amelia Munt (born Johnsen) is the daughter of Frands (Frank) Johnsen.
10. Frands (Frank) Johnsen is the son of Andreas Frandsen Johnsen.
11. Andreas Frandsen Johnsen is the father of William Augustus (Augustinus) Johnson/Johnsen.
12. William Augustus (Augustinus) Johnson/Johnsen is the father of James Findlay Johnson.
13. James Findlay Johnson is the father of Ethel Louise Bradford (born Johnson).
148 days ago
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