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Deann M Turner Viewed your answer on smart matching of the unknown, now how do I automate the multilinguial part. Also, how come "Smart matching," matches brother to brother or father or someone elsse in the family? I Have a lot of this. Also is there anyone I can get help from on lost relatives in Norway, missing great grandmother as of 1900 can't find her anywhere, very limited because I can't understand or translate Norwegian.
2 years ago
Anders Karlsson Hi Deann,
To make the translation in FTB automated you go to Tools in the menu and select Configuration. There you can change settings for name. There are 3 rows concerning the language. Set them to "Translate from other language" or similar. Not sure what it says in other languages than swedish.

As Myheritage says they will list all Smart matches no matter the percentage, but that can not be true since then we would end up in miljions of matches. However since a family have a lot in common, siblings will have high percentage in match quality which will make them show up in list even though they are clearly not a true match. It must be difficult to make a program to match names. Since the spelling may differ and even the name it self can differ. Here are some swedish examples of synonym names: Lisken=Elisabeth, Bolla=Ingeborg, Stina=Christina, Maja=Maria, Kajsa=Karin=Katarina Per=Peter=Petter, Jon=Johan/Jonas. The list is long.

So to make a program to match these must be hard.

2 years ago
svante julius Hej avlägse kusin.Vi är tydligen släkt via Lillienberg Dreffling och Stiernclou.Kul att se när avlägsa släktingar dyker upp på Geni.Önskar Dig allt gott.Lycka till med framtida släktforskning.
one year ago