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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Joyce Moore Bache Paul Kendall Hargraves Smith
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Juney Gordon I am special looking for close families of the Bache families decents of John Henry & Emma Paul ,to contact persnoal ,As chance of intere marrage ,Due to Superseed Birth cert. My mother is also my adopted Mother , So my part of line hard to trace, Without copys of these Certs. Also entails half brothers & sisters on Moore line,
4 years ago
Juney Gordon My site =Joyce Web Site -My for contact , I am Looking for dec. of Bache families & Dec. of Thomas Moore & Hannah Hughes Married !874 , my Direct lines. not Traceable without these documents.
4 years ago
Juney Gordon Superseeded Birth Cert. can't be obtained without direct line, took me over 30yrs to get my own, all parnets must be dec. before B.D.M. will release & must be able to prouduce prof of close conection., This can cause inter Marrages.
4 years ago
Juney Gordon my g-great grandmother's brother Nicholas Paul & Wife Harriet May , Went to Millard , Utah ,USA. Both died there & Children born same area,One of My Grandmother's sisters married a Wilson in NSW.
4 years ago
Gerald E. Presley I feel sorry for you having the l. d. s. in your family history. Nicholas Paul is my 3rd great grand father. I do not want to have any thing to due with this site. You may contact me ay if you wish Jerry Presley
3 years ago
Juney Gordon Sorry you Feel that way, We can't change the past , but we can help protect our Decents by telling the truth, as we have family in USA,
2 years ago
Juney Gordon No need to feel sorry for me, I have had a good life, it's just the mix-up, & if I do not reveal it , then it will only cause problems latter on ,& no one will know where to look for info.
2 years ago
eggy how are you related to the Shearer /Bray family
one year ago