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Janet Carpenter

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Hannigan, Foegan
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jules-Aimé Drouin Hi Janet, our bedard family connection is through my mother in law Marie-Ange Bedard.
I live In Rimouski in Québec .
Where do you live in USA?

Jules-Aimé Drouin
4 years ago
Janet Carpenter I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I'm originally from North Dakota, near the Manitoba border. That's where our Bedard connection is from. I remember my Aunt Marvel's mother, Geta Bedard (born Korbel). She lived with Marvel and Uncle Frank. She was fairly old when I was a little girl. She showed me how to crochet.
4 years ago
Padda' Spaans Hi! Janet,
My connection is through my late husband's family. I'm wondering if you are by any chance related to Joan Carpenter who served a mission here in Australia?

This stuff is REALLY addictive don't you think.

Good luck with it.

Padda Spaans
4 years ago
Ronni Zito Hi Janet. Our Bedard connection is through my father's mother. The family moved from Quebec to Bourbonnais,Illinois. in the mid-1800's. I'm going to look at your tree a little more closely, as I think we have the same families, the Smartmatch just didn't connect the right names.
4 years ago
Janet Carpenter Hello, Ronni,
I'm related to the Bedards through marriage. My cousin Priscilla Richardson added her mother's family to the tree. Priscilla's father Frank Garrison is my mother's brother. He married Marvel Bedard. So, if you have any questions, you might want to contact Priscilla. Her email is included in the members list. I'm adding you as a site member so you can see the Bedard line.
4 years ago