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Egon created the site on May 25 2010 (4 years ago)
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Immediate family

<Private> Biechl gesch. Marin (geb. Scheiter)
<Private> Biechl
<Private> Biechl (geb. Weißinger gesch. Horak)
Alois Biechl
Ernestine Maria Antonia Biechl (geb. Berger)
Heinrich Biechl
Half brother
Dennis Felts Thanks Egon, nice to know i have relatives all over. Take care cuz
3 years ago
Bookhead Egon,

Thank you so much for your contributions and for your visits. I pray that you are having a happy and healthy year.

(Vielen Dank für Ihre Beiträge und für Ihren Besuch. Ich bete, dass bei Ihnen ein glückliches und gesundes Jahr.)


3 years ago
Jennifer MacDonald Hallo Egon,

I am not a premium member yet to confirm your matches. Am looking forward to doing so, once I upgrade.

Danke Sehr,
3 years ago
Marj Whalen It's amazing, isn't it, that we are connected to others in some way all over the world. Thank you for sharing your information and have a great day!
Marj Whalen
3 years ago
Børge Winkler Jakobsen I am not a member of MyHeritage as thereby to approve your Matsch
I have where you can see Matsch.
Do you have something you can show me which branch you have. mail Borge Winkler Jakobsen
3 years ago
Egon Biechl Do you want to have a gedcom-file?

Best regards Egon
3 years ago
Jean HP_Administrator Lawson/Moss Some of our dates are different but it is easy to tell we are related. I am a direct line Lawson. I am stuck at Mary Hall with the father of Lyman Hall. My brother and I have both done full DNA test to make sure we are on the right track.
Jeanne Lawson Moss
3 years ago
Wayne Shaffer Myers, Jr. Amazing to hear from Austria. Welcome to America. There is a town near me named for our lineage: Antes Fort, Pennsylvania.
3 years ago
Valma Dawn Skinner Lovely to know our relatives I'm Married to an Austrian
Valma Emhofer
3 years ago
L. Tadd Schwab Where is the Berger connection? My mom was Jane Holstein Schwab daughter of Lillian Berger Holstein...
3 years ago
Carol Norris Our families came from David Rusk and Jane Baldridge.
2 years ago
Nancy Yacavone Eliz Gooking was my husband's 6th gr. grandmother, I would love more information.
2 years ago
Martha Ann Halstead I only speak ENGLISH. I HAVE LIVED HERE IN, PORTLAND, OREGON, USA.. SINCE 1943.
2 years ago
Elfriede Blind Elfriede Blind, geborene Höglinger ist die Grosscousine von Egon Biechl. Egons Mutter und meine Mutter Anna Höglinger, geb. Schmid waren Cousinen
2 years ago
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