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John L. Hooper

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Minosky, Surko, Pepperell, Hooper,

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William Dewhurst My ancestors originated in Lancashire UK Ihave traced my line back to a Richard Dewhurst b.1604
one year ago
John L. Hooper Hi, William,

Thank you. I have about a dozen Dewhursts in my tree, connected through the marriage to Farrell, next connected through my step-mother's cousin's marriage to that South African family.

From BigPond, I gather you're Australian? Nice to talk to you - people are too busy to chat - shame.

Do you by any chance have any contacts in the Manchester, UK, area who could help me find my half-siblings? Details on request, if you can help. Just hoping, I guess.

John Cloverdale, BC, Canada
one year ago
Kevin Ireland I think your Charlotte Denton should be Charlton Senior Denton. You are also missing a couple of other siblings.
193 days ago
Dorothea Vere Margaret Browne Dear Mr.Hooper, I see you and I were born in 1929 & you are a month older than me. Delighted, would love to share experiences with you. Been to Canada a number of times & love it, particularly British Columbia. There are more than 145 descendants from my parents Bertram & Irene Browne/Cumine. We live in Australia, USA, UK & Canada. My cousins in the UK are researching the Cumine/Brodie/Davey, Patton & Browne family tree on & we exchange info. all the time. Scottish, English, teachers, missionaries, doctors, musicians. This Heritage Site is managed by Anastasia, my niece. I only started on My Heritage 3 months ago. I will need to ask her if you can join. Do you have any relatives with names Trutwein, Newman, Dorsey, Lochner, Langley Regards, Dorothea Ratcliffe, Sydney,NSW Australia
86 days ago
John L. Hooper Hi, Dot,

Enjoyed your newsy letter, and looked over the Gustavus site. Since you were born in India, we have a lot in common. My family served for around 200 years with the Raj and in the army, mostly in Madras. Lots of stories about Ooty and Simla, where my father was born. My interest in the Brownes derives from my step-mother Colleen Barbara Hooper (Barling), born in Singapore, her mother being Vere Edith Barling (Browne) 1891-1939, so we are related, and your Vere middle name clicks.

I am the first in my family to be born out of India, My grandmother, married in Agra in 1899, was very much of Indian native heritage, my father was quite dark, but my mother was a platinum blonde, and I look more like her. I have lots of photos from India. My step-mother Colleen Barbara's brother Winston Charles Barling was a director at McDowells, the provinsioners, in Bombay, if my memory serves.

Hey, Dot, I have trouble reading and typing because of this weak font and my old eyes, so would love to comtinue our chat, but by standard email, below. I 've got a lot of Trutwein records for you.

Kindest regards

John L. Hooper
86 days ago
Anastasia Browne [Sarnavskaya] Dear John, Dot,
Sorry for missing out on your above correspondence earlier. As I'm not a daily user of MyHeritage, I'm still not well aware of where all the messages get delivered.
Anyway, John, I just approved your membership request. Hope you find a lot of interesting info.
79 days ago
Dorothea Vere Margaret Browne All these delightful links. John Hooper you are a marvel of info. Chrisopher Gustavus , my American nephew, just looked at your site again re: Brownes, excellent. Have applied to join Melville-Smith website. & Anastasia, thank you for starting the Browne website. Small world

Love & thanks Dorothea (Dot)
61 days ago
Mavis LING Hi,Do you know a KYLIE VEAL ? a cousin of mine who has done a lot of research on THE Pepperell Family
i hav lost contact was supposed to be writing a book Cheers Dolly
49 days ago
John L. Hooper Hi, Dolly,
Yes, Dolly, I contacted Kylie after I found her on the defunct blog section, and had hoped to get a pack of Pepperell records from her, but so far no luck.
If you are in touch with Kylie, would you be kind enough to ask her if I could get access to that material?
My eyes are too old for this wimpy font, so please get me direct at
Thank you for your interest, and kindest regards.
49 days ago
Dorothea Vere Margaret Browne Hi John,Could you add Fay Browne to the family tree. She is Ian's first wife & their children are Donna, Kim & Shane. Jaye lives in Trafalgar, Vic close to Shane & Ian. Donna is adding to the family tree, the many grandchildren. Ta. Regards, you're doing splendidly as usual, Dot
10 days ago