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Karen Bristol

Joined:January 12 2006 (9 years ago)

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Chris Johnson I finally got to my guestbook on this site. I had not heard of any relatives that went to Australia, but then again, a person learns something new all the time with genealogy! 10th Cousins, huh? That's great! Through my online college classes, I found a 19th cousin (twice removed), as well. Sure makes the world seem a little smaller, when a person finds out about history and family connections.

Take care of yourself,

Chris Johnson
Milan, New Mexico U.S.A.
3 years ago
Karen Bristol Hi Chris, Thanks for dropping by :]

Yes, our branch came here to Australia 1868 (Civil War vet) :]

We've been doing this genealogy for well over 25yrs now and there's always something new every day :]

Slowly inching through the 64,000 + American extended relatives....and adding 100's more Australian extended relatives (thats what you get when most of them are Irish ;])

3 years ago
Chris Johnson I don't know Karen, it wasn't just the Irish, who had plenty of children. There are some folks in the family tree, who needed a television set!!! LOL Some of my information is on this site, but since I have most of my information on my laptop computer, I'm adding much more then what is posted. It seems like a never ending story, once a researcher finds something, the family tree just grows and grows.
If I can assist you in your research, please let me know. And if you use Facebook, please look me up (using my e-mail address). I'd love to hear from you.

Take care,
Chris Johnson
3 years ago
Karen Bristol *lol* Oh, I was referring to the extended Irish family my American Ancestor married into (between just 3 of the cousins they had 30 sons between them to carry on the name! :D)
My Aunt has done so much more research for the family, she's something of an expert now so I get most of my info from her (and occasionally even add some too thanks to sites like this :])
I'm on facebook, yeah, so I'll look you up :] (I'll spare you my games feeds though ;] )

3 years ago