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Robert Griffiths

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Griffiths, Bonnemaison, Montandon, Le Roux, Jenkins, Dermenghem, Gourgaud, Didier, Sère, Marquer, Montagu, Thomas, Clark, Neil, Landolt, and others

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domitille rose bonjour robert,papa m'a enmené faire un tour sur ce site,et c vraiment rigolo de revoir un peu tout les cousins,ils ont bien grandis!j'espere que totu va bien pour la petite famille,je vous embrasse,
6 years ago
Robert Griffiths Bonjour Dom, moi aussi je t'embrasse bien fort, et mes meilleurs voeux pour l'année 2009.
envoie-moi ton email!
bisous à toute la famille
6 years ago
Raymond ROSE info pour RG : Jacques Rose : 1911 - 1954 sont les dates de
naissance et de décès de mon père... Big bisous à tous..
5 years ago
Robert Griffiths Hello Siboan
The Emperor Menelik II is not a family ancestor of mine. The reason he is on our family site, is because my French great grandfather explored large parts of Abyssinia in 1900-1901 and charted parts of the Nile. He presented his map to the Emperor and the photos you have seen are taken from the book he wrote about his expedition to Abyssinia and his dealings with Menelik (hence the name of the book: Menelik et nous).
The picture you have commented on is not of Menelik (aka Le Negus), but rather of the King of the Kaffa (Le Roi du Kaffa – not Kaka as is mistakenly written on the site). The King of the Kaffa rebelled against the Emperor, but was defeated.
I am aware that Menelik claimed that he and his daughter Zauditu were direct descendants in the male line of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, but I am afraid I am no expert on his genealogy.
Good luck in your search.
Kind regards
5 years ago
Raymond ROSE Mon cher frère j'ai constaté plusieurs fois sur ce site que la
photo de Domitille était remplacée par celle de Maxime Marquer!!! atoi de corriger svp;;;
5 years ago
Robert Griffiths désolé, mais c'est un problèm avec le software. en plus mon ordinatuer principal est un mac qui n'est pas cmpatible avec le software. il faut que j'utilise celui d'ester et les enfants..ce qui n'est pas souvent possibe!!! bref, i will try and change it again later this evening.
abrazos robert
5 years ago
Susan Dear Robert,

I have just read your response today 13th Sep 2010, very interesting history you have and I am very honoured you took time to share this with me... Our Lord is helping me with my ancestry very prescious to him ...

Susan (Sioban) and Children
4 years ago
Susan Dear Robert,
We are not from Meneliks line, am now researching for my mother she and my dad adopted me from birth, my mother thinks she has French ancestroy, her family settled in Worsetershire England, Michelle was possiably their real surname.
Love Lord Yeshua Susan and Family
4 years ago