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Anna Louisa Potgieter
Birth: Jan 12 1873 - Soutpansberg
Parents: Jacobus Johannes Potgieter, b7c8d8e7 and Susanna Margaretha "Susanna Margaretha Potgieter" Herbst, b7c1
Siblings: Jan Johannes, Jacobus Johannes, Paul Stephanus, Susara Fredrika, Hester Catharina, Cornelia, Christoffel Lodewikus, Cecilia Johanna, Nicolaas, Helena Maria, Johanna Maria, Johan Christiaan, Jacobus Johannes and Cornelia
Partner: Jacobus Christoffel "b4c1d5e2f4g1" Bekker, b4...f4g1
Children: Hendrik Johannes, Jacoba Johanna Francina, Jacobus Christoffel, Susanna Margaretha, Johannes Christian and Anna Louisa
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