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Kanagatoga "Old Hop" "Kanagatucko" Moytoy, First Beloved Man of the Cherokee (born Uku of Chota)
Birth: Circa 1690 - Chota, Little Tennessee River, Tennessee, United States
Death: Aug 1 1761 - Chota On Little, Tennessee, United States
Parents: Amatoya "Trader Carpenter" Moytoy, I, of Tellico and Quatsy "Nancy" "Que-Di-si" of Tellico (born of the Ani'-Wa'ya (Wolf Clan))
Siblings: "Trader Tom", Tistoe, Oukah-Ulah Skiagunsta, Susan Quatsey Susan, Nancy Nanye-hi, Sister Old Hop, William Moytoy, Amodohiyi / Amahetai "Chief Pigeon of Tellico", Oolootsa, Go-la-nv, Oo-Yo-Sti Otiyu (Poly) or Quali Polly, or Quali (Ani'-Wa'ya, Elizabeth, Delaware Indian Woman ., Aganunitsi Quatie, Moytoy, Chief Moytoy Of Tellico, Unknown and Su-a-gi
Partners: Tiny Bird and Su-Gi (Wild Onion) of the Wolf Clan
Children: Sookie (Su-Gi) "Granny", Mildred Al Lin Nih Aline and "Young Hop"
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