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What is Research? Research is a search engine built specifically for genealogy, capable of searching hundreds of major genealogy databases in a single query. It's the most comprehensive genealogy research tool existent today and the first of its kind. In simple terms, this search engine runs each query simultaneously in hundreds of genealogy databases, aggregates the results and displays them in one consolidated report. This gives you more genealogy search power than has ever been available before, in a simple, friendly and convenient interface.
So if you want to learn more about your heritage, or find information about ancestors, you've come to the right place.

Why should I use it?

At we know there are countless places on the Internet to find
information about your ancestors. Yet the effort required research all of them can be quite time consuming. So we created Research, to make the pain of searching for ancestors "a thing of the past".

With Research, your genealogy research becomes easier, because for the first time, you can:
  • Search over 1526 genealogy databases with one "super" search, or focus on a smaller subset of databases that interest you
  • Research several variants of a last name with one search to maximize hits and explore new avenues for research based on alternative spellings of a name. Read more about our Megadex™ technology.
  • Do both: search multiple databases for multiple spelling variations, at once

    How do I search?

    It's easy to get started. Go to the New search page. Type in the name of an ancestor, even just a last name, and click "Search". That's it. Research does the rest, combing the Internet for relevant information in an unparalleled collection of the world's best genealogy resources - around 1526 of them to date. It queries Websites, databases, archives and message boards; covering all genealogy records including census records, family trees, immigration records, military records, medical records, cemetery records, court, land and probate documents, and other informational sources, such as newspapers, telephone directories, and more.

    Our high-quality collection of resources is maintained by the dedicated team of genealogists at in order to provide you with the best chances of finding your ancestors. What's more, we are constantly scouring the Internet for new genealogy databases and updating Research to benefit from valuable new sources of information as they emerge, so you will always have the best information at your fingertips. That's why Research gives you more relevant results than any other genealogy resource or search engine.
    Pssst… Know something we don't? Suggest an information source to include in the Research scope. Click here to recommend a new source. We'll be more than happy to check it out.

    See list of current sources

    Functional overview

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    Run your search on Research

    1526+ of the world's best genealogy databases are automatically engaged to run your search

    Independent results are processed in real-time

    All positive results are consolidated into one convenient report, built dynamically for you

    Getting results

    After starting a search, a results page will start filling up with matches almost immediately. The results page is clear and easy to understand. Each row lists a database that returned matches - its name and description. Click on any "View" action to view the specific results from the database you want, directly.
    There are no wild goose chases, no dead ends, no misleading sites that redirect you back and forth, and most importantly, none of the frustration often involved with searching for your ancestors on the Web.

    The Search Results page

    What about Google?

    Google is great for searching the Web, but Google and the other top search engines were not designed for genealogy research. Google and its peers cannot distinguish between a last name, a first name, and the name of a pet dog, and they can't find matches that sound like the one you are looking for but are spelled differently - to them names are only keywords. So when you search for a particular last name in Google, you may get thousands of results that have nothing to do with your family history.

    The key problem is that Google simply won't find most of the genealogy records you are looking for because they are not available in the standard Web pages that Google stores and indexes. The most valuable genealogy information is locked away inside databases, like Ellis Island and Yad Vashem, and search engines like Google are incapable of searching them. Until now, the only way to search a genealogy database was to visit each site and run your search there. Research, the world's first search engine built specifically for genealogy, is able to search inside genealogy databases as if you had visited each and every one and done a search yourself. Every time you use Research it will search all important genealogy databases for you, simultaneously. So sit back, relax, and let Research do all the legwork for you.

    What about is one of the 1526 genealogy sources covered by Research. When you start a search at Research you are really searching all the great online genealogy resources on the web, including

    There is one more thing to keep in mind when comparing Research to other genealogy search tools. We actually care about your genealogy research, instead of focusing on how to make a profit selling you genealogy data. Other commercial data providers rarely provide you with search results beyond the scope of data they own or sell. We provide you with information regardless of whether it is found in records from non-profit organizations, libraries, or even one of our competitors. Research is clearly the best place to search for ancestors. Try it today, broaden your genealogy horizons, and enjoy the thrill of discovery!