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  • The Largest Family Reunion
    Views: 11

    The largest family reunion with A.J. Jacobs and his quest to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Spooky Genealogy Research
    Views: 19

    Spooky genealogy tips to discover family history through death records, obituaries and more.

  • Golden Genealogy Rules
    Views: 21

    Join Shauna Hicks for tips and tricks to jumpsart your family history research.

  • MyHeritage Mobile App
    Views: 12

    Take your family tree on-the-go with the MyHeritage mobile app.

  • Military ancestors
    Views: 43

    Discover your military ancestors. Learn more about the roles our ancestors played during times of war.

  • Enrich your family tree!
    Views: 106

    How to enrich your family tree. Adding photos and videos, saving records and matches, and other ways to bring color to your family tree.

  • Gravestones and Family History
    Views: 196

    Join Schelly Talalay Dardashti, MyHeritage US Genealogy Advisor and Daniel Horowitz, chief genealogist to learn what can be revealed about your family via gravestones.

  • US and UK records
    Views: 237

    How to find ancestors in US and UK records

  • Holidays & Family History
    Views: 200

    Join Schelly Talalay Dardashti, MyHeritage US Genealogy Advisor, for ways to inspire your family, spark their interest and to encourage them to contribute to your MyHeritage family site.

  • Genealogy Q&A
    Views: 243

    Genealogy Q&A: Your family history questions answered