How can I add new family tree profiles from historical records?

Previously, you could view a historical record and extract information from that record into multiple profiles in your family tree. Now you can go one step further, and add new profiles to your family tree from that very record! When a record contains information about multiple relatives, if there’s a person in the record with

Can I extract information from a record to more than one person?

Saving a record found in SuperSearch, or via a confirmed Record Match, to your tree creates an association between the record and the individual profile in your tree. Once the connection has been established, you can extract information from the record into the tree profile, and now you can extract information from a record found in SuperSearch or from

How can I extract information from Record Matches into my family tree?

Previously copying information from Record Matches had to be done manually, as the first release of Record Matching did not include a save wizard for adding information directly from a match into the family tree on MyHeritage. Now with the new Extract Info from Records feature you can easily extract details found in any confirmed

Is Record Detective™ free?

Record Detective™ is a new game-changing technology from MyHeritage, which will provide you with many records, other records and tree profiles about the very same people. It is highly accurate and will not waste your time with false positives. It is original and there is nothing quite like it in the industry. It doesn’t replace

How does Record Detective™ affect my Privacy?

Our strict privacy policy ensures that no profile of any living person will ever be listed as “Related people” unless they are from your own family site. That means strangers will never see living people from your tree as “Related people”. At the moment, if you’ve found a good record or profile through Record Detective™

How can I access the Record Detective™ for my matches?

Record Detective™ can be accessed in two main ways, through Record Matches and from MyHeritage’s online digital archive, SuperSearch. Record Matches A Record Match is a document considered relevant to your family’s history, such as a birth record of your ancestors, a relative’s gravestone photo or a newspaper article. Record Matches are calculated automatically for all MyHeritage

What is Record Detective™?

The Record Detective™ is a breakthrough technology for family history. It is the first technology of its kind to automatically extend the paper trail from a single historical record to other related records and family tree connections. Record Detective™ generates new leads and discoveries by turning a single record into a door to more. For

How can I filter my Record Matches?

You can filter matches to temporarily display only matches exceeding a certain confidence score, show only matches of certain types, such as newspaper articles, or by match status (pending, confirmed or rejected). You can adjust filtering options to hide confirmed matches (thus showing you only unconfirmed matches), and you can always bring all matches back by

How do I get Record Matches?

If you have Record Matches you will see a notification appear on the side bar of the Home page alerting you that you have matches. Click to enter the results page. You can also reach your Record Matches from the Family tree tab. You don’t need to do anything to get Record Matches. We do

What about Record Matching and privacy?

Record Matching automatically compares the individuals in your family tree to billions of historical records in MyHeritage’s SuperSearch and notifies you if any matches are found. The records matched with individuals in your tree are all records within the public domain. Records are matched confidentially and the matches are only ever used for to benefit your

Can I turn off Record Matches?

At this point in time it’s not possible to turn off Record Matches for online family trees or trees published from Family Tree Builder. Family Tree Builder users can turn off Record Matches within the program. Go to the Tools > Options menu. In the General section, click ‘Yes’ in the “Automatic Record Search”  field

How can I check if I have access to records in Record Matching?

The records in Record Matches are taken from the billions of historical records in MyHeritage’s research tool SuperSearch. If you have a Data subscription that allows you access to the records in SuperSearch, then you are able to view the full records in Record Matching. You can check if you have a SuperSearch subscription by

Can I get Record Matches if I have a PremiumPlus family site?

The new Record Matches feature runs for free for everyone who has one or more family trees on MyHeritage. Viewing the matches is free, but viewing full records and their scanned images or newspaper articles requires a Data Subscription which is the same subscription used to view records on MyHeritage SuperSearch – our new search engine for

Can I get Record Matches if I have a Premium family site?

The new Record Matches feature runs for free for everyone who has one or more family trees on MyHeritage. Viewing the matches is free, but viewing full records and their scanned images or newspaper articles requires a Data Subscription which is the same subscription used to view records on MyHeritage SuperSearch – our new search

Why are some of my Record Matches “not listed”?

Record Matches are displayed according to the filters you set. If some records are shown as “not listed” it means they are not included in the filters currently applied to your Record Matches. If you selected to see only confirmed matches for example, all new and rejected matches would show up as “not listed”. Learn

Why don’t all my Record Matches show on the Home page of my site?

The Record Matching notification on the Home page of your family site shows you how many Record Matches you currently have according to the filtering you set for your matches. If you set the filtering to see only rejected matches, then the number of matches on the Home page notification will only reflect the number

If I rejected a match by accident can I get it back?

If you want to change the status of a rejected match, start by changing the filtering to show only rejected matches and reducing the number of stars to zero. Now that you have all rejected matches in one place there are three ways you can undo the reject. 1. Review the Record Matches individually and

Who can view Record Matches?

If you are a Site Manager of a family site and tree on MyHeritage you will automatically receive Record Matches. Site Managers can view all matches. In order to see actual records a SuperSearch data subscription may be necessary. All Site Managers can view the free collections included in Record Matching (for example: BillionGraves and

Who can confirm or reject Record Matches in my tree?

If you are a Site Manager with a SuperSearch data subscription you can confirm or reject any Record Matches you receive. All Site Managers can confirm and reject Record Matches from free collections (BillionGraves, Social Security Death Index, etc.) no subscription required. Family site members can view matches but cannot confirm or reject. If one

What if I didn’t get any Record Matches?

Record Matches are shaped by the width and breadth of historical records on MyHeritage SuperSearch. If you did not receive a certain match you were expecting or haven’t received matches at all, it could be because we don’t yet have the data collection this record comes from. This will improve significantly during the next few

How can I confirm and reject Record Matches?

When you view a match, you will see the “Review match” option, and the confirm and reject options. Clicking on ”Review match” will let you see the full contents of the record. When a match is pending, the ”Review match” button will be blue. It will turn grey once the match is either confirmed or rejected. You can

What records are free to everyone in Record Matching?

Records from the BillionGraves, Social Security Death Index, some military and other collections are free for everyone in Record Matching.

What are the stars next to my Record Match?

The stars next to a Record Match are a “confidence score” for each match. They are based on the degree of similarity of the information in the record (names, dates, facts, relationships, etc.) to the information in your family tree. This confidence score, a feature unique to MyHeritage, is displayed in the user interface next to

What records are used in Record Matching?

All the collections in SuperSearch are used for Record Matching with the exception of UK records and MyHeritage family trees. UK records cannot be used in Record Matching for technical reasons. MyHeritage family trees is not used for Record Matching because this collection is already used for Smart Matches.