Why did MyHeritage buy Geni?

We acquired Geni to accelerate our vision of helping families everywhere build and share their legacy online. With its focus on collaborative family history and global user base, there are strong synergies between Geni and MyHeritage that will benefit you. Working together we will be better able to deliver family history services to a wider

How will the two websites operate?

We will keep the two websites separate for the foreseeable future and will not move users from one site into the other. MyHeritage will remain a forest of independent private family trees and will remain focused on building a single family tree of the world. MyHeritage and Geni users will benefit from Smart Matching

If I have a Geni subscription why am I being asked to pay MyHeritage?

As a Geni user, Record Matching and Smart Matching work together to make each other better. If a person in your tree on Geni has a Smart Match, the system will use the extra information in that Smart Match to get you more Record Matches. As you add new information from matches to your tree

Will I be able to combine my MyHeritage and Geni accounts?

MyHeritage and Geni will continue to operate as separate entities for the foreseeable future. Your MyHeritage and Geni trees will not be combined.

What’s the difference between MyHeritage and Geni?

Although both services focus on working together to build your family tree – MyHeritage is focused on private family trees, while Geni is focused building one World Family Tree.

What if I already have an account at

Your accounts on MyHeritage and Geni will remain separate.

How much did MyHeritage pay to acquire Geni?

As both companies are private we do not disclose the financial terms of the acquisition.

Will Geni users be able to see my family tree?

Geni trees will appear in MyHeritage’s SuperSearch results and Smart Matches to MyHeritage will appear on Geni. Your current privacy settings will remain the same. Only your invited family site members at MyHeritage will be able to view your private profiles.

Will privacy change now that Geni is a part of MyHeritage?

MyHeritage’s privacy policy will be adopted at, which means that the names in family trees on both sites will be protected by the same privacy settings you enjoy today.

How will the Geni acquisition affect my MyHeritage membership?

No changes to your MyHeritage membership will be made. The two sites will continue to operate independently. Geni users will benefit from the expanded range of tools and services MyHeritage offers. MyHeritage members will benefit from the expanded community of family history enthusiasts and the potential discoveries they hold.

What does the Geni acquisition mean for me?

Buying adds a new community of people with family trees from around the world. For MyHeritage users the biggest benefit will be through the connection you’ll have with these new trees. Smart Matching between MyHeritage and Geni trees and the ability to search Geni trees in SuperSearch means you have a better chance to