Is Family Tree Builder supported on Mac?

Yes, we released a version of Family Tree Builder 7 for Apple’s Mac OS X. MyHeritage Family Tree Builder for Mac is adapted from the Windows version and can run directly on Mac OS X without requiring Windows Operating System. This version of Family Tree Builder was developed in order to meet the increasing demand

How do I import my family tree that I built in another program into Family Tree Builder?

It’s really easy to import your family tree from another program into Family Tree Builder. You can import files from: Family Tree Legends (*.FTL), Family Tree Maker (*.FTM/*.FTW/*.FTMB), Personal Ancestral File (*.PAF), and Legacy (*.FDB). Just open up Family Tree Builder, and click on File > Import GEDCOM.  The next dialog box allows you to either

How can I prevent Family Tree Builder from assuming married names for women from their husband’s married name?

In the program, open Tools > Options > Names. There you will find the setting whether to assume names of married women from the husband. Turn it off. Please see the screenshot below: Another option is to edit your own details by double-clicking on yourself in the tree, and enter a “married name” for yourself.

How can I import a family tree from Geni?

This post will explain how to export your family tree from and then import it to 1. Log in to 2. Click on ‘Family’ > ‘Share your tree’ > ‘GEDCOM Export – Export’ (as shown in the picture below) 3. Geni allows you to export ‘Blood relatives’, ‘ancestors’  or ‘descendants’  and ‘forest’

Can I import my address book to invite people to my family site?

We now have a much easier way to invite family members to your family site! You can invite members from email addresses in your online accounts or in outlook. This new system encompasses many new email providers, that we didn’t previously import. Please take a look at our new invite page by going into your

Does MyHeritage disclose email addresses?

MyHeritage is a safe and secure way for your friends and family to connect online. We do not sell email addresses to third parties. We do not allow searches for email addresses on our site. If you are a site manager of a family site, or a site member, you can see profile details and

Why is the address that I selected for my new family site not accepted?

When choosing an address for a new family site on MyHeritage, please make sure to choose a unique site address. It is best to choose something with a combination of letters and numbers. Please make sure to fill out all required fields on the page, and continue to create your new site!

Is Family Tree Builder free?

Family tree Builder is a free program that can be downloaded from our website. There are added features in Family Tree Builder that are only available for Premium users. Premium users are users that have upgraded a family site. These added features include: Smart Match Merge, All-in-one chart, Syncing of videos, audios and documents. If

What languages does MyHeritage support?

We currently support a total of 39 languages on and in Family Tree Builder. This means we now cover more than 85% of the languages spoken on the web! Available languages are: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,

How do I add a personal photo in Family Tree Builder?

Here are the steps for creating a Personal Photo (the thumbnail face shot that shows on the genealogy card in Tree View in Family Tree Builder). 1. Go to the genealogy card of the person you would like to add a photo for. Click the ‘+’ sign where the person silhouette appears. 2. A new

Is MyHeritage Free?

Family Pages – the premier platform for family and community Websites is based on subscriptions. Basic plans are free. Premium plans require a subscription, billed annually. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and upgrade at any time. Family Tree Builder – our genealogy software for setting up a family tree can

How do I edit someone’s details in Family Tree Builder?

If you build your family tree online, please read the following article:  How do I edit someone’s details in my online family tree? To edit a person’s details in Family Tree Builder, click on the EDIT button on a person’s genealogy card. Choose the “Edit Details:” option. Use the tabs (Main, Info, Contact, etc.) to add

How do I install Family Tree Builder?

Go to the following address: and press the button “Download Family Tree Builder”. A window will appear asking if you want to save the file. Click Save File and choose a location on your computer to save the file. After downloading and saving the file, go to the location on your computer where you

How do I add family members to my online tree?

If you use Family Tree Builder to build your tree, please read the following article: How do I add family members to the tree in Family Tree Builder? To add family members to your online tree, use the ‘Add’ link on a person card in the tree. Select the desired relation (son, daughter, mother, father, partner,

How do I add family members to the tree in Family Tree Builder?

If you build your family tree directly from your family site at, please read the following article: How do I add family members to my online tree? There are several ways to add people to the tree in Family Tree Builder. Notice the highlighted areas in the screenshot below: 1. Use the Add Person button

How do I upload a GEDCOM if I already have a family site and tree?

If you are an existing member of and already have a family site and family tree, then follow the steps below to upload your GEDCOM file. 1. Log in and go to your family site. 2. Click on the Family Tree tab. 3. Click on Import GEDCOM. 4. Browse your computer for the GEDCOM

What is MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is a unique place where families meet online, communicate, share, explore and preserve their heritage. MyHeritage Family Pages lets you create your family’s own meeting place on the Internet. Invite your family members to participate in your site, share family photos easily, post your family tree online and share it with family members, keep

If I am a new member how do I upload a GEDCOM file at

If you don’t have a family tree or family site at, follow the steps below to upload a GEDCOM file and create a family site where you can start building your family tree online. From the home page, click on the “Import tree (GEDCOM)” link. Enter your gender, first and last name and

What are the privacy options for my family site?

The privacy settings allow you to control access to your family site. First, it is important to understand what type of audience may visit your family site. There are three possible types of users for any family site. Site Manager / creator – this is the person who created the family site or another member promoted

How do I make sure all my family site information is kept private?

Family sites at are automatically protected with privacy settings that prevent guests from viewing sensitive information about living family members in the family tree, such as first names and email addresses. In the event that the default privacy settings are not strict enough for you, the steps below will help you make your site