How can I add adopted children in my online family tree?

If you added natural parents to the child, and now need to add adopting parents as well, first you have to disconnect the child from his/her natural parents, then add adopting parents and mark them as ‘adopting’, and then connect the child back to his/her natural parents. For this please take the following steps: 1.

How do I edit someone’s details in my online family tree?

If you use Family Tree Builder to build your family tree, please read the following article: How do I edit someone’s details in Family Tree Builder? Let’s look at the main components of creating your family tree online: Use the Help menu anytime you have a question about how to perform a certain action in the tree. The List

How do I add a custom fact in my online tree?

If you want to add a fact to someone in the tree but there isn’t a predefined type that fits the fact you want to add, then create a fact type of your choosing (a custom fact). Adding a custom fact is easy to do. Find the person in the tree you want to add

Why don’t I see relationships in my online tree?

Trees with less than or equal to 5000 people show all the relationships if you are associated to the family tree. Trees over 5000 people and less than 17,000 individuals are limited: *relationships of up to 20 degrees for direct ancestors/descendants *relationships for people that are 2 degrees away for indirect relatives Trees over 17,000

How do I change the tree name on my family site if it was synced from Family Tree Builder?

If you synced (published) your family tree from Family Tree Builder, you need to change the name of the tree in Family Tree Builder and then sync the tree once again. Click here to learn how to change the name of the tree in Family Tree Builder.

How do I view the entire family tree online?

If your tree is small, you may be able to view the entire tree. When trees become larger it becomes necessary to break the tree down into branches (for display purposes only!). In the case that your tree is too large to be shown on one screen, there are several ways to navigate through the