How can I restore a backup from the backup service?

When a new backup file is created, you will get an email with the link to retrieve a backup of a specific tree in a specific site. The link will be also available on your family site under Family Tree > Backup page where you will find the description of the backup file, its size,

How often is my tree backed up by the backup service?

New backups are created once a month. The first backup will begin as soon as your payment is accepted. Subsequent backups will be performed on the same day of the month as the date your service began. In case your service was activated on the 31st of the month (or the 29th of February) and

How can I restore my tree in Family Tree Builder?

There are two options for restoring your family tree. You can either restore the tree from your computer or from your family site. Click here for instructions how to restore your tree from your family site. To restore your tree from your computer go to File> Restore project. Select to restore the project from a file

How can I import a family tree from Geni?

This post will explain how to export your family tree from and then import it to 1. Log in to 2. Click on ‘Family’ > ‘Share your tree’ > ‘GEDCOM Export – Export’ (as shown in the picture below) 3. Geni allows you to export ‘Blood relatives’, ‘ancestors’  or ‘descendants’  and ‘forest’

What is the backup service?

The backup service backs up all the family trees and photos on your family site once a month so you’ll never lose info again. It is a paid service, available to all members who have a family tree on a family site at The backup service is separate from Premium family site subscriptions or

What is covered by the backup service?

The backup service covers all family trees and related photos, videos, and documents on the specific family site for which the service has been acquired. The service does not include content in the family site such as comments by other users, Inbox messages, Smart Matches, Charts and Reports or any content other than photos and

How will I know when a new backup is ready?

Every time a new backup is ready, a notification with link to download the backup will be sent to you by email.

Can I cancel the backup service?

You can cancel at any time by clicking the link “Stop the backup service” from the Backup Page on the family site, which is found on the family site in the Family Tree section. In addition, you may stop Service at any time by contacting our Customer Support Service. If you cancel the backup service

Doesn’t already backup my tree regularly?

Of course we do. The backups on are created strictly as a precaution against technical problems on or for maintenance purposes. Backups from the Backup Service are different. They are stored separately on for extra protection and redundancy. The backup service backs up each tree on your family site plus photos once

How can I pay for the backup service?

The backup service is billed monthly. It is payable by credit card or with a PayPal account. Unfortunately, the backup service cannot be paid for by methods of payment other than credit card or PayPal. To subscribe to the backup service for your family trees, just go to your family site to Family Tree >

Why should I use the backup service?

The backup service protects your family tree data so you don’t have to worry about losing precious information. For only a few dollars a month, this is an invaluable service for any family tree lover. Using the backup service saves frustration and agony which accompany data loss and it protects against human error so if

Can I put my family tree file on a CD?

In order to put your Family Tree Builder tree onto a CD (or any removable media) please follow directions below: First open your project in Family Tree Builder and click on File > Back up Project. This will save a single file that contains your family tree and all its photos and documents. You can

How can I safely transfer my Family Tree Builder tree from one computer to another?

Download your tree from your online site to the new computer:  If you have synced your tree with the site, and the version on the site is the most updated, you can simply download your project from the family site online to Family Tree Builder on your new computer. For this please do the following: