How can I extract information from Record Matches into my family tree?

Previously copying information from Record Matches had to be done manually, as the first release of Record Matching did not include a save wizard for adding information directly from a match into the family tree on MyHeritage.

Now with the new Extract Info from Records feature you can easily extract details found in any confirmed Record Match, and copy them – in just one click – into the relevant profile in your family tree. This new feature conveniently displays the information found in the historical record and compares it to the information in your tree, side-by-side. It highlights for you information in the record that is new or better than the corresponding information in your tree, which refers to cases where the historical record contains more elaborate information than in your tree.

How to Extract Info from Record Matches

1. Review your Record Matches, and click the checkmark button to confirm a correct match. Wrong matches should be rejected using the ‘X’ button.

You can confirm a Record Match in the page that lists several matches, or in the Review page that shows it in more detail (the latter is better because it shows the full record).

2. Once you confirm a Record Match, a new one-time pop-up box will inform you that the match has been successfully confirmed. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to Extract Info page.

** We recommend that you click the “Don’t show me this again” box so that this pop-up box will be skipped in the future.

You can also view Record Matches you have already confirmed in the past, and click “Extract info to your tree” to invoke the Extract Info page. See this marked in red below.

3. In the Extract Info page, click the [>>] arrow buttons to extract the information you want into your family tree, or the [>>>] button at the bottom to take ALL the new and improved information in one click.

Note that for any information that you decide to take into your tree, you can change your mind and click the [>>] button again to undo it.

You can also hover over any field in your tree (right hand side of the page) and click the Pencil icons to edit each field and enter additional details by hand if you wish.

4. If needed, you can add notes, edit any field, edit the citation, and more.

5. When you are done, click the green ‘OK’ button to save the information into your family tree.

Note: By default, a source and citation will be created every time you use the Extract Info feature, in line with genealogy best practices, but you are in control and can turn this off if you don’t want to create a citation.


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