How can I attach and detach spouses in Family Tree Builder?

Attach Spouse

This option enables you to create a spousal relationship between two persons already existing in your family tree. For example, if two cousins who were already added to the tree are actually married, you can attach one as the spouse of the other.

To attach a spouse, on the person’s card click ‘Edit’ > ‘Spouses’ > ‘Attach a spouse’.

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A list of people in the family tree is displayed from which you can select the spouse to attach.

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Detach From Spouse

This option enables you to disconnect a spouse from a person. The person will still be defined in the tree, but he or she will no longer be defined as the spouse of this specific person.

To detach a spouse, click on the person’s card and select ‘Edit’ >  ’Spouses’ > ‘Detach from spouse’.

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