How can I add adopted children in my online family tree?

If you added natural parents to the child, and now need to add adopting parents as well, first you have to disconnect the child from his/her natural parents, then add adopting parents and mark them as ‘adopting’, and then connect the child back to his/her natural parents.

For this please take the following steps:

1. Open child’s personal card, click ‘Options’ > ‘Remove connection’.

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Select ‘Remove from parents’. Click ‘OK’.

2. Then open person’s card and add new parents. There can be two situations:

a). In case child was adopted by people who are not related to his/her biological family, you need to add new parents to the child:

Click on sign ‘+’ on the child’s personal card and select ‘Add mother’ and ‘Add father’. Enter their names and save.

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Now click on child’s card and click ‘View profile’ button to open the profile page.

Click ‘Edit profile’ on the left side and select ‘Family section’.

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In the drop down menu “Relationship to parents:” select “Adopted Child”:

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Save changes.

Then go back to the tree view, select child’s card and on the left click ‘Options’ > “Connect to existing person” > “Connect X to a parent”.

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Start typing one of parents’ names, select the correct person and save.

Now child will be connected both to his/her natural parents and adopting parents.
b). In case child was adopted by people whom you already entered in the tree (parents’ relatives), you need to connect child to his/her adopting parents who have already been added in the tree, without adding them anew:

Once you have disconnected the child from his natural parents, click on child’s card, on the left side select ‘Options’ > ‘Connect to existing person’. Select ‘Connect to parents’ and start typing name of one of the adopting parents.

Select the correct name and save. Now child is connected to adopted parents.

Then you should take the steps described above to mark the new parents as Adopting, and after that connect the child back to his/her natural parents.

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