What’s the difference between Family site and Family Tree Builder?

What is a family site?

MyHeritage lets you create your family’s own meeting place on the Internet – your personal family site, where you can post your  family tree project, invite your family members to participate in your site and help you to work on your family tree, share family photos easily, keep track of important family events and more.

Creating a family site takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any technical experience. Basic family sites are free, and we also have Premum and PremiumPlus subscriptions if you want to take your site to more advanced level.

To access your online family site, please open your Internet browser, go to, log in using your account details that you provided when you registered for the first time (email address and password) and you will be redirected to your family site.

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NOTE: If you have more than one site, you will see the list of them and you can select the site you want to visit.

There are a few types of family tree that you can have your online family site:

  1. Online Family Tree (web) – started directly on your online family site on the Internet.
  2. GEDCOM tree (GED) – imported to the site using .GEDCOM format file of a family tree project that was created in any genealogical software.
  3. Family Tree Builder tree (FTB) – family tree project, created in our Family Tree Builder software and synced with your online family site.

What is Family Tree Builder?

Family Tree Builder – is our desktop genealogy software, which you can download for free here.  It has original, easy-to-use pages that let you grow your family tree visually. To open Family Tree Builder program on your computer, please use the following icon:

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In Family Tree Builder you can add photos and documents to the tree and use our face recognition technology to easily tag faces in your photos.

Here’s how you should see your tree in Family Tree Builder:

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You can sync your family tree with your family site on and share it with family and friends!

If you originally created your family tree in Family Tree Builder software on your computer, and then synced it with the site, then the family tree on your family site is basically a copy of what you have in your software. The family site is there to share your family tree with other family members, since they do not have access to your software on your computer. The family site is therefore a kind of sharing platform for your family.

Once you make changes in the software you can sync / publish those changes to the family site and it will be shown there.

If you work from home you should enter data through the Family Tree Builder software and sync. If you are travelling and you do not have your main computer with the software with you, you can still make changes to the family tree. You will be able to do this through the family site which you can enter on You will be able to do this from any computer that has access to the Internet.

After you made changes and you came back home you can open the software and “tell” the software to copy all changes you made while travelling in the family site, to your main computer at home by syncing. Then both versions – the one on your online family site and the one in Family Tree are the same and are up to date.


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