What is the difference between saving and extracting a record?

‘Extract Info’ from SuperSearch lets you easily extract details found in any record, and copy them – in just one click – into the relevant profile in your family tree. This new feature conveniently displays the information found in the historical record and compares it to the information in your tree, side-by-side. It highlights new and improved information in the record in comparison to the corresponding information in your tree.

Saving a record allows you to save a record directly from SuperSearch, to relevant profiles in your family tree.

If you extract details from the record to your own tree, these details will become part of the tree, just like the details that you have manually entered. However, if you save a record, the link to that particular record will be saved straight to the individual’s profile, but the information in your tree will not be changed. Once a record is saved, you can then extract any of the information direct to your family tree as well.

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