How can I use the Translations Wizard in Family Tree Builder?

To translate all project data from one language to another, please do the following:

1. In the Tools menu, select Translation Wizard. The following window is displayed:

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2. Under Translate from: (source language), click ‘Change language’ and select the source language. Data will be translated from this language.

3. Under Translate to: (target language), click ‘Change language’ and select the language to which data will be translated.

4. When you are done, select the source and target languages (in the example above, from English to Spanish), and click ‘OK’.

5. Check the ‘Override existing translations’ checkbox if you want data that has already been entered in your project in the target language to be overwritten by translations of the data in the source language.

6. Click ‘Next’ to begin the translation. After the translation is complete, the following window is displayed:

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This window shows the number of first names, last names and place names that have been translated from the source to the target language and the number of fields that remain untranslated in the target language. You may click the ‘Report’ button to store these translation results in a file for your review.

7. Click ‘Next’ to display a window that lists the names and places that have not been translated, which allows you to manually translate them.

8. Click any field to type in the translation.

9. Click ‘Next’ to apply your manual translations to your project.

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