What is Record Detective™?

The Record Detective™ is a breakthrough technology for family history. It is the first technology of its kind to automatically extend the paper trail from a single historical record to other related records and family tree connections.

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Record Detective™ generates new leads and discoveries by turning a single record into a door to more. For example, a record discovered in MyHeritage’s digital archive, SuperSearch, will now automatically include a summary of additional records and individuals in family trees relating to it, providing new information and clues to take your research to new directions.

Here’s a short video which explains how it works:

Record Detective™ essentially turns historical records into smart objects that determine which people they are about, and it automatically conducts additional research about those people. Historical records are invaluable to everyone interested in their family history. With over 4 billion records available, MyHeritage provides a wealth of documents enabling you to make exciting discoveries.

You can learn more about any record or profile provided by the Record Detective™by hovering over its thumbnail. The summary will show a confidence score, ranging from a half star to five stars, indicating the likelihood that the historical record correctly belongs to the associated individual. Click the name of the record or person, which are links, to view them in more detail.

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Hover the mouse on the record’s thumbnail to reveal a tooltip with a detailed summary of the record and the confidence score of this find according to the Record Detective™.

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