If I have a Geni subscription why am I being asked to pay MyHeritage?

As a Geni user, Record Matching and Smart Matching work together to make each other better. If a person in your tree on Geni has a Smart Match, the system will use the extra information in that Smart Match to get you more Record Matches. As you add new information from matches to your tree on Geni, including new relatives that you discover, you will receive more matches; it’s a cycle that will help you improve and grow your family tree.

Whenever you view a profile or family tree on Geni, the system checks in the background for relevant matches, and automatically displays them right on the tree or the profile.

A Data subscription is required for viewing all historical records (except those provided free).

A single Data subscription provides full access to all Smart Matches and Record Matches, allows contacting tree owners, and gives unlimited access to the MyHeritage SuperSearch engine for historical records.

For more information on Data Subscriptions, please see: What is a data subscription?

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