How can I access the Record Detective™ for my matches?

Record Detective™ can be accessed in two main ways, through Record Matches and from MyHeritage’s online digital archive, SuperSearch.

Record Matches

A Record Match is a document considered relevant to your family’s history, such as a birth record of your ancestors, a relative’s gravestone photo or a newspaper article. Record Matches are calculated automatically for all MyHeritage family trees.

1) When logged into your family site, visit the Record Matches page in the Family Tree menu. You can view Record Matches by people or by historical record collections.

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2) If you are viewing matches by collection, click on the View Matches button next to any collection to view the Record Matches found in it.

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3) Click the blue button labeled “Review match” to view any match in detail, through the record page. The census document shown above lists other household members when the census was conducted.

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Record Detective™ shows all records found for all members of a household in the census.


Record Detective™ is also very useful when you find a relevant historical record by searching SuperSearch, the search engine of historical records on MyHeritage which is your gateway to billions of historical records.

1) Go to SuperSearch on and search for any individual you are interested in.

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2) Get a list of all records and family tree profiles matching your search. Click any of them.

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3) In every record page, Record Detective™ will try to find more records about the people in the record you found, and family tree profiles of these people.

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If you found a family tree profile that is relevant to your search, please note that you can contact the MyHeritage user who submitted that profile. That user is usually related to that person, and therefore potentially related to you too.

Found a relative through Record Detective™? Contact the tree owner to exchange more information and photos, and expand your knowledge.

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