What is the difference between ‘Sync’ and ‘Publish’?

In the former versions of Family Tree Builder software we were only able to publish to the website. All changes you made on the software were also updated in the website. Previously, if you chose to edit your family tree with the software, you weren’t able to edit details on your tree on the online family site (the site was read-only).

Now with Family Tree Builder 7.0, the sync option allows you to edit your tree from both the software and from the online family site (as well as through the mobile app!). Wherever you edit your tree, it will be synced with your website and Family Tree Builder software.

It also makes it possible for the site creator to work on the project from more than one computer. The best way to do so is to work with the family tree builder software on one computer and with the website on the other computers. For example; if you go on a vacation, you can work on your project from any computer or mobile device on the go.

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