What are the changes and improvements made in FTB 7.0?

There are 3 main new features in version 7.0 of Family Tree Builder:


Prior versions of Family Tree Builder supported only one-way publishing from Family Tree Builder to the family site on MyHeritage, and updates could not travel in the opposite direction. This meant that the published family tree was read-only on and could not be edited online. It could only be edited in Family Tree Builder.

Now, as of version 7.0, Family Tree Builder not only publishes a tree to, it syncs (synchronizes) the tree with Sync is two-way publishing. This means that site creators who use Family Tree Builder can now also edit their family tree online on or via the MyHeritage app for mobile devices, and any changes propagate back to the Family Tree Builder on the next sync.

In version 7.0, editing the synced tree online can be allowed for all site members. The sync covers all data, photos, videos, audio files, notes, sources, citations and practically anything that can be added to the tree.

Record Matching

Record Matching is a new technology developed by MyHeritage, designed to automatically find matching historical records for people in your tree in the MyHeritage SuperSearch. To learn more about MyHeritage SuperSearch click here.

Record Matches are automatically calculated for every person you add and edit in the tree and if positive matches are found, they are indicated visually and are available for review in one click. Automatic calculation can be turned off in the configuration settings. A tree that is synced to an online family site on enjoys additional features of Record Matches on the site, such as a consolidated view of all Record Matches, the ability to confirm matches and save them to the family tree.

Record Matches replaces WorldVitalRecords records and the Smart Research feature available in previous versions of FTB. A manual Research option was also added to start a search for any person in your Family Tree Builder tree using MyHeritage SuperSearch.


Version 7.0 has been rewritten to support Unicode. Data can be entered in any language allowing you to mix and match data from different languages.

Other features

Family Tree Builder 7.0 also features minor improvements and bug fixes, and a facelift of some visual aspects of the software, new icons, new category graphics, etc. for an updated look that will still be familiar to our users.

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