How do I change my credit card details on my automatically renewing subscription?

The ideal way of changing your credit card information for automatic renewal is on Plimus / Bluesnap – our payment processing providers systems.   When you purchased your subscription, you received an email from Plimus/Bluesnap with a username (it’s not the same as your MyHeritage login – the Plimus/Bluesnap username is a long string of numbers).

Find that username and follow the steps below to update your card details:

1. Find your Plimus/Bluesnap username in the email that was sent to you when you first paid for your subscription
2. Reset your Plimus/Bluesnap password by entering your email and Plimus username on this page
3. Log in to Plimus/Bluesnap via this page –
4. Go to My Account then click “Change” on the payment method column (far right side) of your active MyHeritage subscription
5. Save the changes you made

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