How do I bring my information over from another genealogy program?

Online Family Site:

In order to bring your family tree from another genealogy program or genealogy web site to your online family site at MyHeritage you’ll need a GEDCOM file.

Exporting a GEDCOM file can be done relatively easy from most genealogy programs and web sites. If you need help exporting a GEDCOM from your program or web site, you should get support from the company where your tree is currently located.

After you have a GEDCOM of the family tree you can easily import it to your family site. Log into your family site and click on the Family Tree tab. Use the ‘Import GEDCOM’ section to browse for the file on your computer and import it to your family site.

If the file is large, it might take some time to upload. You’ll get an email when it’s ready.

When the tree is ready, you can begin adding and editing the tree online directly from your family site.

Family Tree Builder:

If you use Family Tree Builder, you can automatically import many files from other programs. Here’s an FAQ to show you how: How do I import my family tree that I built in another program into Family Tree Builder?

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