When viewing my tree on the MyHeritage app, how can I see more information?

When tapping on a person in your family tree, a mobile version of his profile page will open, with three tabs: Info, Events and Family.

Info tab contains biographical information such as birth date, occupation and contact information. Tip: if that person has an email address or a phone number, tapping it will enable you to call or email them! (Note: calling functionality is according to device type, via your mobile provider).

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Events tab contains a list of the events related to that person: birth, marriage, life events of children etc.

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Family tab contains a list of that person’s immediate family. Tapping a family member will take you to that person’s profile page and so on.

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At any point you can tap the “View in Tree” button next to the profile photo, to go back to the family tree and see this person in the center.

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