How do I import my family tree that I built in another program into Family Tree Builder?

It’s really easy to import your family tree from another program into Family Tree Builder.

You can import files from:

Family Tree Legends (*.FTL), Family Tree Maker (*.FTM/*.FTW/*.FTMB), Personal Ancestral File (*.PAF), and Legacy (*.FDB).

Just open up Family Tree Builder, and click on File > Import GEDCOM. 

The next dialog box allows you to either browse your computer to locate the file you want to import or to scan your whole computer for genealogy files.

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After selecting the file to import, click on ‘Next’ and the conversion will begin.

When the conversion is done, you’ll be able to select the language of the project, and name it.

Click ‘Next’, and the file will be imported to Family Tree Builder.

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