What’s new in the New Enhanced Smart Matches™?

The improvements released recently in Smart Matches™ include a complete overhaul of the presentation of Smart Matches™, and new premium features for organizing and reviewing matches more efficiently.

The new Consensus Page (view example screenshot here) aggregates data from all Smart Matches™ – presenting the big picture for each person. The Consensus Page lets you skip doing many one-on-one comparisons with individual family trees, and fill in missing information about relatives more quickly and with more confidence. It conveniently displays a summary of the different name spellings, birth and death dates and places, marriage info, etc., for any particular relative, indicating the number of times each piece of information has been used in other family trees. You can then copy the most commonly used data as you see fit directly into your own family tree, complete with photos of your choice, and optionally add a source citation on the copied data linking back to the original family tree.

You can now confirm or reject any match, and the website highlights which matches were confirmed or rejected by respective tree owners. New matches are clearly marked so you can tell them apart from older ones. You can start discussions about matches, and exchange interesting information on mutual relatives. Two matching trees can be compared side by side via a unique display, showing the complete context of each match, and you can edit your own tree online while viewing new information from another tree. Work queues have been added for quick access to matches requiring attention and confirmation. All these new collaboration features allow you to work through the matches systematically and make the most of them.

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