How do I copy information to my tree from online Smart Matches™?

Copying information from an online Smart Match™ is a Premium feature for Premium and PremiumPlus users only.
To copy information from a match that you received on your site, just go to the match, and click on ‘Review match’.

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There you will see the option to ‘Copy and Edit details’. You can then choose to copy only certain facts, or to copy all of the information from the match. If there are photos that are available, you will also have the option to copy photos from the match.

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To copy information from the consensus page (the page that aggregates data from all Smart Matches™ for that person, presenting the big picture for each person), go to the match, and click on ‘Review match’.
Below the match is a link to the consensus page for all of the matches for that individual. You can then Copy and Edit the details for the consensus page in the same way as shown above.

Please note that if your tree was published to your family site from Family Tree Builder, then you will not see the option to copy information from a Smart Match™ into your family tree.

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