How can I import a family tree from Geni?

This post will explain how to export your family tree from and then import it to

1. Log in to

2. Click on ‘Family’ > ‘Share your tree’ > ‘GEDCOM Export – Export’ (as shown in the picture below)

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3. Geni allows you to export ‘Blood relatives’, ‘ancestors’  or ‘descendants’ for free. The full GEDCOM export including in-law parts of the tree is not free on and requires a Geni Pro account. Note that once you have moved to you can export any data you uploaded or created even with the free MyHeritage Basic account.

4. Keep ‘Type’ as ‘GEDCOM 5.5′ and click ‘Export GEDCOM file’

5. Your browser will ask you what you want to do with the .GED file, just save it onto your desktop.

If you have an account on already, go here to get a detailed explanation for how to import that GEDCOM file into your family site.

If you don’t have an account on yet, go here to get a detailed explanation for how to create a family site based on a GEDCOM file.

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