What is the backup service?

The backup service backs up all the family trees and photos on your family site once a month so you’ll never lose info again.

It is a paid service, available to all members who have a family tree on a family site at The backup service is separate from Premium family site subscriptions or Family Tree Builder upgrades and it’s affordable so anyone can take advantage of the service.

We create backups of your family tree together with photos once every month and send you email notification with a link to download the backup. Links to the backups are also available on your family site under the Family Tree tab in the Backups section.

Each month’s backup is saved so if you need to restore a backup from two months ago or even six months ago, you can easily do so with the links provided. If you have more than one tree on your family site, each tree is protected separately at no extra cost.

Restoring backups is simple and takes a few seconds.

Backups are stored securely with password protection so you can be sure your information is safe.

The backup service is available for published family trees created in Family Tree Builder, our family tree software, as well as family trees created online on a family site.

To subscribe to the backup service for your family trees, just go to your family site to Family Tree > Backup.

Terms of the backup service can be found here.

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