How do I divide my existing tree into parts if I edit online?

It is possible to split your family tree into two or more branches using our family tree software, Family Tree Builder.

First, if you don’t already have it, please download Family Tree Builder for free here.

Then open a browser and log into your Family Site on Go to the Family Tree tab > Manage Trees in your Family Site.

Click the ‘Export to GEDCOM’ for the tree you would like to divide. This will save your family tree  to your computer as a file with a .ged extension.

Once you have the file downloaded, and you have properly installed Family Tree Builder, you can double click on the GEDCOM file that you exported and it should open up automatically in Family Tree Builder. This will restore your entire project into Family Tree Builder.

Next, please see the FAQ item below to export a branch from your main tree. Follow the steps in the FAQ to export the branch you want split from the main tree to a Gedcom file that will be saved on your computer.

How do I export specific branches of my family tree in Family Tree Builder?

Please note, that in order to upload the created branch to your family site, and allow the branch to be editable online – instead of exporting it to the Family Tree Builder program first, directly import the Gedcom file of the branch to one of your family sites. (see the FAQ below)

How do I upload a GEDCOM if I already have a family site and tree?

Repeat the same procedure if necessary, exporting Gedcom files with the other branches of the tree and save the files to your computer.

You can delete the original Gedcom file that you have on your original site, if you’d like. To do this, log into your family site and click on Family Tree > Manage Trees. Find the original tree and click on ‘Delete’.

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