How do I show partners in my Family Tree Builder tree?

To designate a partnership when adding new people to the tree:

1. Add the first partner.

2. Click ‘Add Spouse’ to add the second partner.

3. In the ‘Status’ field select ‘Partners’.

To change the relationship for people already added as spouses:

1. Click ‘Edit’ on one of the two partners.

2. Choose ‘Spouses’ and ‘Manage Spouses’.

3. Change the status to ‘Partners’.

To designate a partnership between two persons in the tree who are located in different branches:

1. Click ‘Edit’ on one of the partners.

2. Choose ‘Spouses’ and ‘Attach Spouse’.

3. Select the second partner from the list of people in the tree that appears.

4. Click ‘Select’.

If you edit your family tree online this FAQ is for you: How do I show partners in my online tree?

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