When I print my All-in-one chart it comes out tiny. What can I do?

The All-in-one chart feature on your Family Site in the Family Tree > Charts & books section generates a chart of everyone in your family tree that you can save as a PDF file.

If you have a large family tree and you print a one-page chart on an A4 sheet of paper, the names will come out very small.

There are several possible solutions for this problem:

1. Save the chart as a PDF file and take it to a local print shop where they can print it on a large sheet of paper.

2. Save the chart on multiple pages instead of one page. This can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the page when you are at the “create new chart” page, and selecting multiple pages.

3. Generate several descendants charts instead – one for each of your ancestors. These will be significantly smaller and you will be able to put them all together in the end.

Please note that it is now possible to order a poster of your family tree, please take a look at the following FAQ for further details:
How do I order a Poster Printout of my family tree?

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