How do I make sure that I am syncing my tree with the correct site?

When you want to sync your family tree with your family site you need to tell Family Tree Builder what site you want to sync with. This is done by creating a Sync Request. If you try to sync with a site which is not on a Premium or Premium Plus subscription plan you may be prompted to upgrade. Make sure you are syncing with the correct site by reading the information below:

  • A Sync Request is the command for a specific family tree to be synced with a specific site.
  • In order to sync a family tree you must create a Sync Request.
  • A Sync Request can be made once and then reused.

Your current (last) sync request is shown in the Sync Settings window in Family Tree Builder.

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A Sync Request contains the following information.

  • The family site to sync with.
  • The information to be synced.
  • The last time the tree was synced.

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If your tree has never been synced, you will need to create a new Sync Request. This can be done either by clicking on the Sync button or by clicking Sync (publishing)> Sync Settings. By default you will be presented with a list of your existing family sites. If you do not have a family site, you can create a new one in this window. If you already have a family site, choose it from the list. The Sync Request has now been created and the tree can be synced.

If you need to change the site you sync with, you will first need to remove the current (last) sync request. Go to Sync (publishing) >Sync Settings window and click  “Remove Sync”. Then click on “Add site”. Choose an existing site from the list or create a new site and click OK to create the Sync Request.

**Make sure you are signed in with your Premium member email address. If you are not signed in with the email address that is connected to your Premium membership, syncing may be limited and you may be asked to upgrade even if you are already a Premium member.

**Are you syncing to your Premium family site? If you are not sure, click on Sync (publishing) > My Sites in Family Tree Builder and visit your site.

**View your family site subscription plan on your family site by mousing over your name in the upper right corner of the screen and then selecting My Purchases.

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