How do I change the home person in my online family tree?

By default, your family tree will open focused on the individual associated with the current user (registered member) that is logged in and viewing the tree.

In order to associate your user or your site members’ users to their individual in the tree, please see this FAQ post: How do I associate myself to the family tree on my site?

If you wish to change this default setting, and change the home person in your family tree to be a specific individual, please follow these steps:

Go into your family site, mouse over your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Site Settings”.

In the Home page section click the “Other” tab to find the option of changing the root individual (home person) of the family tree.

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Please make sure to uncheck the option to display the associated person and to save your settings.

Please take note, if you have more than one family tree it’s only possible to choose one main family tree and main person to display.


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