How can I safely transfer my Family Tree Builder tree from one computer to another?

Download your tree from your online site to the new computer: 

If you have synced your tree with the site, and the version on the site is the most updated, you can simply download your project from the family site online to Family Tree Builder on your new computer. For this please do the following:

1) Open the Family Tree Builder software. If you don’t have the software installed, click here to download the latest version.

2) From the top menu, choose File > Restore Project.

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3) In the restore screen, choose ’Restore from online family site’  and click ‘Next’.

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4) The next screen will display all family trees that exist under your account. Choose the family trees you want to restore and click ‘Download now’.

5) If the family tree contains any photos, you will be prompted to restore the photos from your family site.

That’s it! Your family tree should be restored from your online family site.

Transfer your tree from one computer to another: 

Alternatively you can transfer your Family Tree Builder Tree from one computer to another, doing the following:

First, save your family tree from Family Tree Builder onto removable media. The best way to back up your family tree is to use Family Tree Builder’s backup facility on File > Back up Project. It will save a single file, perfect for backup, that contains your family tree and all its photos and documents. You can save it to any removable media device such as a flash/pen drive or CD/DVD.

The backup can then be restored on Family Tree Builder on a different computer, by going into Family Tree Builder on that computer and using File > Restore Project.

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